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More direct bookings!

More direct bookings!

A booking engine is the way to get more direct bookings through your own website. No more old-fashioned web forms, just a direct insight into your room availability.

No more commission costs

No more commission costs

With our booking module, you no longer have to pay commission fees to or Expedia. All bookings that arrive via the booking module via your website are free of commission.

A direct link with the PMS

A direct link with the PMS

When a customer books a room through the booking module, this is adjusted real-time in the Property Management System. This is then directly applied to the external booking channels.

Create your own arrangements

Create your own arrangements

An ideal way to get more sales, for example make an arrangement for a whole weekend. Or combine a number of nights with a dinner or delicious wine arrangement.

Bed & Breakfast booking system

Do you have a nice Bed & Breakfast or a small hotel? But are you looking for a method to easily manage the bookings and do you want to get more direct bookings? Then you can now take advantage of RoomRaccoon's hotel management software. With this booking system you can also use our booking engine. This makes it possible to obtain up to 27% more direct bookings. This is ideal because you don't have to pay commission to external booking channels. We now have more than 1000 satisfied customers who use the B&B booking system on a daily basis. It is even possible to configure the B&B booking system to perfectly match the corporate identity of your website.

Your own arrangements in the booking system

Within the hotel management software it is possible to create your own arrangements. So if you have a hotel or a Bed & Breakfast near a museum, nice city or amusement park. Then you can create an arrangement for this. This way you can combine the overnight stays with an entrance ticket. If you have made an arrangement, it will be immediately shown in the booking system of your Bed & Breakfast. So apart from the fact that you can get more direct bookings, you can also get more return through these arrangements. It is even possible to add add-ons. You can think of a pick-up service, late check-out or a delicious bottle of champagne. All Add-ons can be found in our PMS software.

Increase the number of direct bookings?

It is a fact nowadays that many internet users (or potential guests) continue to search the internet. Often people look at the websites of OTA's, like Expedia, or Agoda. But later on, they still look for the website of the hotel or the Bed & Breakfast itself. That is of course very nice for the hotelier, but then you have to make sure that a visitor can book a room for the night. That is why a B&B booking system is very important. With this system visitors of the hotel website can easily book a room via the booking engine. No old-fashioned contact forms that do not show availability. Just a direct and up to date offer of Bed & Breakfast rooms and direct bookings.

RoomRaccoon's booking engine

If you want to use a B&B booking system for your Bed & Breakfast or other accommodation, benefit from RoomRaccoon Hotel Management Software. Not only can you try the software for free, but we can also provide you with a demonstration. But with RoomRaccoon you only pay a fixed amount per month. The price per month is calculated based on the number of rooms in your Bed & Breakfast. In addition, you can get those direct bookings quickly with our B&B booking system. No more annoying commission costs, but a neatly designed booking module that you can put on the website in no time. Our Booking Engine is very user friendly and can save you a lot of time. Interested? Request a free demo!

Happy customers

"The integration and automation of the RoomRaccoon system - that reduces the need for manual intervention - is a revolution in hotel management software."

Jayson — O'Two Hotel

"Training on RoomRaccoon is a breeze compared to some other systems. As a team we really understand the RoomRaccoon system."

Aimee — Clouds Estate Boutique Hotel

"We began to generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier. I have saved so much time since we started using RoomRaccoon."

Ellen Rose — La Providence