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6 Tips to get more bookings

6 Tips to get more bookings

A 'to be' or 'not to be' hotel or B&B

For both large and small hotels and B & Bs, it is important to be clearly visible online. To achieve this first goal, money and resources must be invested. A nice extra is that these investments also earn themselves back. Afterwards investing in web promotion, the next obstacle comes. When potential guests have found the website, the goal has been reached, right? No, not if they can not find the information. Then you've lost them. Fortunately, this hotel has no Bed or Breakfast. Attract potential guests as a magnet by taking into account these six factors.

The six main rules for a well-run hotel or B&B

  • Provide a booking tool that allows guests to book their reservation quickly and easily;
  • Integrate the rates on the website with other online channels where guests can also book;
  • Provide a website that is mobile optimized and contains links to maps and route descriptions;
  • Work with an all-in-one software package that also meets the required security standards;
  • Match quality and user experience, show what guests can expect;
  • And last but not least, guides potential customers through the booking process.

How do you get more guests to your hotel or B&B?

No one starts a hotel or a bed and breakfast without the urgent need to make this a decisive success. Letting the guests go home with a good feeling and is the drive of every hotelier. This calls for ways to find out how certain systems work as efficiently as possible. This starts with a well-functioning website, one that receives bookings from the start. The success of a hotel or Bed & Breakfast depends on the website and is promoted. And also from which hotel software package the common actions are used. With our user-friendly booking engine, websites are guaranteed to attract more direct bookings. We are equally convinced of our booking engine that it can be tried without any obligation.

A successful hotel or B&B

In addition to knowing the target group, a hotel, guest house or B & B must also tell a story through its website. An important factor of success for a hotel or B & B is not only how the website is promoted but also how good the hotel software works that is used. The website is also the calling card for what makes a small or large guesthouse successful. Every hotelier chooses a well-functioning website that generates many bookings right from the start. It is great when potential guests have found the website. It is less beautiful when they can not find the information they are looking for. Then they will search and book elsewhere. Fortunately this hotel does not have B&B.

Let the system work for you

If you keep the rules for your website, you have already fulfilled the preconditions to be able to run with a maximum occupancy all year round. You can view these rules or guidelines as universal laws that apply to every motel, guest house, Bed and Breakfast or small hotel. Also with a booking system that prevents the slow loading of a page. A Booking engine prevents overbookings and allows for more direct bookings for hotels or B & Bs. All this without extra commission costs. Just like the hoteliers that were before you make more bookings with our booking module.