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Charge it to your Room, with TallOrder and RoomRaccoon!

Charge it to your Room, with TallOrder and RoomRaccoon!

Want to know more about TallOrder? Visit the TallOrder website and request a demonstration.

Innovation is one of the success factors that RoomRaccoon can comfortably boast about. Adhering to market trends and continuously taking clients’ feedback to heart lay a very solid foundation for innovation, which is exactly what makes RoomRaccoon so unique.

We are determined to keep our novelty’s momentum strong, and that is why we are so excited to announce our newest POS partner, TallOrder. We have chosen to collaborate with TallOrder because we support the same sentiment when it comes to a pioneering market approach. TallOrder enables guests and hoteliers, respectively, to order room service from their smartphone and instantly charge the guests’ bills to their rooms. This also allows for all transactions to be in a centralised location.

Most hotels, guesthouses, lodges and wine farms have POS systems for their bar, restaurant, spa or gift shops. The TallOrder system permits one to manage any part of your business seamlessly.

Cloud-Based technology has delivered an enormous impact on hotel management industry and TallOrder along with more and more hotels are adopting the Cloud, ensuring flexible and secure access from any device.

RoomRaccoon and Tall Order have both proudly embraced the innovative cloud-based trends allowing for user-friendly systems, which is determinative our success.