Specializing in the Hospitality Accommodation Management Market, RoomRaccoon is the only solution that thrives on innovation in the South African market. But what is it all about you say?

With RoomRaccoon's property management system, everything will be easier. Manage your bookings and calendar with just a few clicks. With this system you can configure automatic messages for sending to your guests, such as confirmation of booking, confirmation of payments or even online check-in. Do not waste time with doing things by hand: everything is done automatically. We offer a varied amount of integrations too.

Channel Manager

Real-time connection to all reservation channels? Yes, it is possible. With the Channel Manager RoomRaccoon everything is managed automatically: availability, rates and restrictions. Everything is now synchronized with the channels you're connected to, such as or Expedia or even your own Booking Engine. Overbookings will become a thing of the past. Need to make a rate adjustment in a certain period of time? Very easy. Just make the necessary changes to your PMS and instantly switch to all channels.

Reservation Engine

Are you fed up with paying commissions and want to increase your direct reserves? Of course yes! Have access to a booking engine integrated into your website or Facebook page through which your guests can book directly with you in a totally simple and personalized way. And the best of all? Without intermediary and commissions. The booking engine is visually similar to your website, and allows guests to book anywhere in the world and in a variety of languages.

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RoomRaccoon is a company with a strong international presence and founded and managed by specialists in the area of ​​accommodation, since they also own the picturesque hotel in Breda, Holland.

Let’s meet the team:

Niels Verspui

Niels Verspui immigrated three years ago to the most amazing country in the world, South Africa. It made him decide to improve the technology in the hospitality because of the love he has for the country as well as for the hospitality industry. He has experience at several hotel/guesthouses in the Cape; which is where he realized improvement is needed in this sector. 

Ridhaa Kamaldien

Ridhaa Kamaldien, joined the RoomRaccoon team in February, and specializes in the Customer Success, and Client Services sections of the business. His main focus is to present the ideal solutions for the daily challenges faced by hotel managers.

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