Customer Story ○ Parsons Hilltop Safari Camp


“ It has always been my dream to have my own hotel, already since I finished the Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht in 1995! “

— Mirjam Busink, Parsons Hilltop Safari Camp


When I lived in South Africa with my family for a sabbatical year in 2015, we fell in love with the bush, wildlife and safari. From then on, it became my dream to own a small safari lodge where I could offer an authentic safari experience coated with excellent hospitality. The last month before we left, we managed to find the lodge on the Hilltop. A dream came true!

Parsons Hilltop Safari Camp is an exclusive, intimate safari camp with 4 tents. The camp is situated on the outcrops of Balule Game Reserve, within the Greater Kruger Park area. Our camp is authentic and unfenced.

Customer Story Parsons Hilltop

In the first years, we leased the camp out. But in July last year, the time was right. I decided to take over the full management and Parsons Hilltop safari camp was founded. There is not much information available on how to start a safari lodge and I learned a lot by trial and error. I googled for a hotel reservation system and I found out that RoomRaccoon had a branch in South Africa. Niels immediately responded to my initial request for information and the RoomRaccoon team was there to support me with a lot of basics, not even necessarily having to do with the RR reservation system. On a dark day in October the first booking came in and the team was as happy as I was! Since that start, we have worked very intensively together and I can truly say that Niels feels like a friend and colleague to me, and the RoomRaccoon team offers great support. RoomRaccoon is modern, user-friendly and they are a young company as well. We ‘bonded’ as two ambitions start-ups, that work hard to succeed and achieve success.

With a fresh eye, and a clear vision of what I needed I have given tons of input (or headaches ;-) to the RoomRaccoon team by bringing up small bugs or things I missed, needed. I gave some suggestions for improvements and most of the time we discussed it. In many occasions, my feedback would be used to improve their system as well.


Room Parsons Hilltop

Parsons Hilltop photo


The system looks beautiful, no questions asked. But one of the main reasons why I  chose for RoomRaccoon, was the option to use add-on’s to the bookings in the system. I work with packages, so now I was able to offer them through the system of RoomRaccoon. Next to that, I can also offer separate activities that can be pre-booked.

Booking Engine Parsons Hilltop


RoomRaccoon has developed, improved, and grown since our start and I hope I never have to miss-out on the personal contact with the RoomRaccoon team, because I’m confident that RR will grow fast :-). I’m happy, I’m very happy that we have been together since the start!