With a Channel Manager, renting your Bed & Breakfast is even easier

When you let your apartment or house as a holiday accommodation, it is lucrative to offer it on various external booking channels. One of the most used booking channels is AirBnB. This platform was established in 2008 with the aim of making the rental of accommodations more accessible to private individuals. Nowadays, so many holiday homes are offered on AirBnB that it seems almost impossible to get noticed. Fortunately, there are a number of useful tools that you can use to increase the occupancy of your accommodation. We list the most important tips for offering your AirBnB.

Have your accommodation photographed by a professional photographer

When you offer your property on AirBnB, the use of the right photos is essential. These images immediately give potential guests a first impression of the space. Based on this first impression, they will choose to stay on the page of your accommodation or to immediately click it away. Of course you do not want the latter. Professional photos are therefore certainly not a luxury. Good photos show that your home is clean and comfortable. In addition, potential guests in these photos should be able to see the most important details of the house. Is there something that makes your apartment or home unique? Make sure you clearly show this.

Describe what makes your accommodation special

Many travelers use AirBnB because they are looking for a home or apartment with more character and authenticity than a standard hotel room in a tourist area. Use the description of your accommodation to indicate what makes this B&B so special. This could for example be the good location of the house, but also the separate architecture or the interesting historical background of the building. Each accommodation has its own plus points.

Choose a catchy title

When you have determined what makes your space unique, it is important to process this information in the title of your AirBnB page. There will be numerous providers who advertise with generic key words such as 'spacious', 'light' and 'centrally located’. With this you will not notice. Opt for a title that appeals to the imagination and indicates why your AirBnB offers guests not only a stay, but a complete experience.

Use an AirBnB Channel Manager

It may sound complicated: the use of an AirBnB Channel Manager. Nevertheless, a B&B Channel Manager can also offer a solution for individuals. By means of this software you can quickly and easily make changes to the AirBnB page that you have placed. For example, new room prices are immediately implemented. But the availability of your accommodation can also be quickly adjusted by means of this user-friendly software. This prevents overbookings, a problem that can cause many additional costs. Especially if you offer your home or apartment not only on AirBnB, but also on other external booking channels, there is a risk that your accommodation will be booked twice. By using an AirBnB Channel Manager, all external booking channels are linked via the Property Management System. When your space is booked through one of these channels, availability will be immediately changed on all linked channels. This ensures that your B&B can never be overbooked again, which prevents disappointment and frustration among potential guests. The accommodation will also be offered immediately as available again in the event of a cancellation.

Experience the convenience of a Channel Manager yourself

A Channel Manager is the ideal tool to offer your accommodation as efficiently as possible on AirBnB. The Property Management Software from RoomRaccoon has been specially developed to make it as easy as possible for you as a bed & breakfast owner. The synchronization of the different channels takes a lot of time-consuming administration out of your hands. Try our B&B Channel Manager software now completely free! Create an account without obligation on RoomRaccoon and we will help you get started immediately.