That's correct. Our booking engine will help you increase your direct booking by as much as 27%. It is simple to set up, simple to manage.

52% Online bookers check a hotel's website to get more information and look for better prices. Make sure you catch those bookings!

 Booking Engine





More Direct bookings!

52% Online bookers will check a hotel's website more information. Having a website with a better rate is the easiest way to get more direct bookings. No more old-fashioned web forms, just a direct insight into your room availability.

No more commission costs





No More Commission Costs

With our booking module, you no longer have to pay commission fees to or Expedia. All bookings that arrive via the online booking module on your website are commission free.





Smart Rate Setting

Our platform supports dynamic negotiated rates with corporates, without the need for any coding. It's simple to use and will save you lot's of time and headaches.

No more commission costs





Create Package Deals

Offer value to your guests by setting up and offering customised package/combo deals for weekends and special days.


RoomRaccoon PMS icon




100% Integrated with the PMS

When a customer books a room through the booking engine, this is added and updated in real-time in the Property Management System. The update is then also directly applied to the external booking channels to avoid overbookings.






Sophisticated Add-ons

With RoomRaccoon you can set add-ons with an availability state. If a specific extra is sold out, the system won't allow overselling, so you won't have any explaining to do to unhappy guests.

A direct link with the PMS




Directly Include and Upsell Add-ons

Want to upsell to include breakfast or a bottle of wine? How about a spa day? Our system supports all of this, simply set it up and your customers have the option to add this directly to their booking or add in at online checkin.




Smart Checkout

Our system remembers your guests and their preferences. When they return, they do not have to provide all their details again and you can store notes on their profiles to remind you of any preferences they might have.


Discount codes





Create Discount Vouchers

Create custom discount codes and offer them to loyal customers for return visits. Discount codes are one of the best ways to get customers to come back and leave you positive reviews.

Website builder





Connect Your Website or Build One

Have a website already? No problem - Our booking engine supports white labelling to integrate with your existing site to bridge it to our PMS. If you need a website, you can check out our hotel website builder.







Multi-langauge and Mulit-currency Support

Get more international bookings by making your booking engine available in the different languages and currencies. We have already done most the hard work for you and all standard functions are available in multiple languages.

Website builder





Customise Your Booking Engine

Make it yours! Select your colours, load photos of your rooms, add your logo to customise the the booking portal to be in-line with your brand!




Allow your guests to seamlessly upgrade rooms or purchase add-ons with our built-in upsell feature.








What is a Booking Engine?

A booking engine is piece of software that can serve as a website or be implemented on your own website with which you can receive direct bookings. An Online Booking Engine is also known as a hotel booking module or online booking system.

The most important advantage of a booking engine is that it helps you receive more direct bookings, and these are bookings for which you do not have to pay commission costs.

Do you still work with an 'old-fashioned' contact form on a website? Or should potential customers call and ask if there is still a room available? With our booking module that is a thing of the past!

Thanks to our powerful booking engine you can continue to do your work, while customers can reserve a room without assistance. No phone calls, no requests by mail, just direct bookings without commission costs.

When a booking is made on your website, it will also update the availability on the OTA's.

Benefits of a Booking Engine

Why is it important to use a hotel Booking Engine? Visitors of your website (so potential guests) want to know immediately whether a room is available or not, or they might be looking for more information, or a lower price.

On, for example, if you look at a property, you can immediately see which rooms are available on the desired dates. From there you immediately have the option to book the hotel room. Why would a visitor still call or email to ask if a hotel room is still available?

Of course you can present the hotel room offer on or Expedia, however you will pay 15% to 20% commission on these bookings. When you get direct bookings, you do not have to give away that commission. 

With the Hotel Software and online booking engine from RoomRaccoon you can present the same offer, or even a lower rate on your own site. Visitors can then directly book a room on the dates they have selected.



How does our online Booking Engine work?

You can actually see a hotel Booking Engine as a separate webpage that shows the room availability of your hotel or bed & breakfast. Thanks to this page you can get up to 27% more direct bookings.

This portal is linked to the Property Management System and can be opened via a URL or a nice call to action button from your website. You can completely customise the page of the booking engine to fit your brand. Easily and quickly add the logo of your accommodation and adjust the colours as you wish.

Add photos of your rooms in and guests have everything they need. It is also possible to link the online booking engine to your Google My Business page of your hotel or link it directly to your Facebook page.

Package deals

Within the Property Management System it is possible to create special package deals. These can be made bookable in the hotel Booking Engine. This is a smart tactic to achieve more direct bookings. For example, you can combine an overnight stay with a three-course dinner or a delicious wine package.

Do you have problems with different VAT rates within a package? No problem, with RoomRaccoon you can adjust these rates per part. Within our Booking System you can also work with extras, for example a bottle of MCC, a parking space, breakfast in bed or booking a baby bed.

Potential guests can book these extras directly, and you don't have to rely on the upselling skills of front-desk staff. Many of our clients have significantly increased their revenue per available room by setting up this feature.