This is what we really think is important!


No complicated price structure with hidden costs for 'modules' or expensive 'starting costs' and certainly no long contract obligations. Just an all in one system with no surprises!


Everybody can use it and it's flexibly in line with the needs of every independent hotel or B&B. Independent hotels work differently than large ones. That's just the way it is!


Independent hotels and B&Bs have different revenue figures than large hotels, obviously. Hence, it is a necessity to adjust your price on this fact. It’s RoomRaccoon’s focus to save you money and generate extra revenue.


Do you have any questions or feedback? We are always happy to hear them. Call, email or WhatsApp us… We are used to catering times and know that you work when most companies are closed.




Property Management Systeem

A fancy term in the hotel business, right? Let's make it easier. A hotel PMS (Property Management System) is a system that helps to organise your bookings. But that's not all! You can easily check-in guests, generate clear reports, and allow RoomRaccoon to make the invoicing for you.

Booking Engine

Direct bookings… Yes... It seems to be the new magic word in the hospitality business. Contact forms are widely used on hotel websites, but Booking Engines (or booking modules for your own website) are going to be the standard. Not that surprising, because a Booking Engine increases your direct bookings up to 27% on average, and you do not have to pay a commission fee on these bookings.

Channel Manager

Manage your availability on all your connected booking channels, such as, or, from one central point. Last-minute discount? No problem with RoomRaccoon's cloud hotel software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about RoomRaccoon? Perhaps we have already answered this! For many more support articles you can always go to our Help Center.

How do I link the RoomRaccoon Booking Engine to my website?

There's a big change you already have a button 'Book' or 'Reservation' on your website. The url to the Booking Engine will come under this button. 

New website? Then you have to make sure that there is a button like this.

The only thing you (or your website builder) have to do is to place the url under this button. When your guests click on this button, they go to the booking module very quickly and easily. A new page opens and the guest can book immediately.

Where can you find this url? Via the gear icon you go to the Booking Engine settings. If you scroll down, you will find the 'Preview books' button. Here you will find the url that belongs to your accommodation.

Can I get a message when I receive a new reservation?

RoomRaccoon sends you, as hotelier, a confirmation email of every reservation you receive. Then you are always immediately informed and you know when you can expect your guests.