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Start saving time now

Start saving time now

With a hotel Channel Manager you can really save a lot of time. In no time your offer is on your selection of OTAs. Manually adding rooms to is now a thing of the past.

No more overbookings

No more overbookings

Thanks to the real-time synchronization, your room offer is updated immediately after a booking on all external booking channels and the booking engine. Say goodbye to overbookings!

Increase your occupancy rate

Increase your occupancy rate

Want to increase the occupancy rate of your hotel? With the Channel Manager for hotels you can quickly place your room availability to new booking channels. Empty rooms cost money after all!

Real-time synchronization

Real-time synchronization

Thanks to automatic synchronization, your room availability on booking channels remains up-to-date. If a guest cancels a room, it will be immediately available on the other OTA websites.

Hotel Channel Manager

What exactly can you do with a hotel Channel Manager? In principle, the name says it all, with a Channel Manager for hotels you can manage the room availability on external booking channels. When you place your hotel rooms on external booking channels, such as Expedia, AirBnB or, it is important that the room offer is updated. If a guest books a room through the channel, a Channel Manager will ensure that this room is no longer available on AirBnB or Expedia.

Enter new room rates?

Are you the owner of a hotel or bed & breakfast and do you want to change the room rates? Then of course it is a lot of work to do this manually on all external booking channels. From RoomRaccoon we see this as a waste of time. Therefore choose a hotel Channel Manager, using this hotel software you can adjust the price in one place and this is implemented on all connected booking channels. For example, in the meantime no room is booked on the basis of an outdated rate and you can easily prevent these overbookings.

Benefits of the Channel Manager

The main advantages of a hotel channel manager are as follows: You do not have to worry about updating your hotel room offer on the external booking channels, this works fully automated. Price changes need only be made in one place and the booking Channel Manager will do the rest. When the occupancy rate is on the low side, you can use a Channel Manager to offer the hotel rooms on multiple booking channels, or at a reduced rate. Reasons enough to try out the Channel Manager of RoomRaccoon?

Why RoomRaccoon?

The main reason for choosing the hotel Channel Manager from RoomRaccoon is that RoomRaccoon is proud Preferred IT Provider from What does that mean? That the Channel Manager of RoomRaccoon performs well and has an exceptionally fast (and stable) connection. In addition, RoomRaccoon is an all-in-one hotel software package, so in addition to the handy booking Channel Manager you can also directly use the Property Management System. Or how about our booking module for generating more direct bookings?

Happy customers

All-in-one hotel software, need I say more?!

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What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT


Michelle Dardford

58 on Hume

We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm