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Lodge reservation software

Searching for reliable reservation software for your lodge? Then the hotel software from RoomRaccoon might be the right solution for your lodge in South Africa. Our hotel user-friendly software includes a Property Management System in which you can manage all of your lodge bookings. But our lodge software also includes a great booking engine that allows you to generate more commission-free bookings. It depends on what kind of booking management system you are looking for. Want to try our booking system for free? Then quickly create an account!

Property Management System

In order to process the bookings of your lodge quickly and efficiently, a Property Management System is very important. With our Booking Management System you can save a lot of time because lot’s of things are automated. For example, an e-mail is automatically sent when a booking is placed and invoices are automatically created. Our lodge management software is safe and ideal for lodges and bed & breakfasts, among other things. You can now use your time for other things, such as making your guests' stay more pleasant.

Profitable booking engine

What can you do exactly with an Online Booking Engine? In principle it is very simple, with a booking module you create a possibility that visitors can book a room on your own website. No more intermediate parties such as booking.com or Expedia, just more direct bookings, via your website without paying commission. On average, 27% more direct bookings are generated through the lodge reservation software of RoomRaccoon. Do you want more direct bookings? Then our lodge reservation system is definitely worth the effort to use on your website.

Try our lodge reservation software?

The reservation software from RoomRaccoon has many advantages. Besides the fact that you can generate more direct bookings, invoicing is also automated, saving you a lot of time. But that's not all, with the lodge reservation software from RoomRaccoon you can also use the lodge Channel Manager. With this you can easily and quickly offer your rooms on external booking channels to increase the occupancy rate. Quickly create a free account to try out the lodge reservation software of RoomRaccoon.

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Forget all the fancy files and documents, cause the RoomRaccoon software does it all for you.


Du Toit Schreve

Fijndraai Villas

My experience is from the start very positive overall. The support specifically is really great.


Arina Gous-Kemp


We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm