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More direct bookings!

More direct bookings!

A hotel booking program is the way to get more direct bookings through your own website. No more old-fashioned web forms, just a direct insight into your room availability.

No more commission costs

No more commission costs

With our booking module, you no longer have to pay commission fees to or Expedia. All bookings that arrive via the booking module via your website are free of commission.

A direct link with the PMS

A direct link with the PMS

When a customer books a room through the booking module, this is adjusted real-time in the Property Management System. This is then directly applied to the external booking channels.

Create your own arrangements

Create your own arrangements

An ideal way to get more sales, for example make an arrangement for a whole weekend. Or combine a number of nights with a dinner or delicious wine arrangement.

Online Booking Program

Are you looking for a reliable and user-friendly online booking program? Then you don't have to look any further. RoomRaccoon is the perfect solution for your hotel or bed & breakfast. Not only can you benefit from a Property Management System to easily manage all room bookings of your accommodation. But our hotel software and online booking program includes a booking engine that allows you to generate even more direct bookings. These are bookings without commission costs. Does that sound interesting and would you like to try our online booking program for free? Then create an account quickly.

Property Management Software (PMS)

In order to easily manage all bookings of your hotel or bed & breakfast, a Property Management System is actually indispensable. With a Hotel PMS you can really save a lot of time. This is largely due to the automated tasks within the system. For example, confirmation e-mails are sent automatically when a booking is made. Our property management software is safe and works well for small hotels, bed & breakfasts and other accommodations. This really saves you a lot of time. You can use that time for other things, such as making your guests' stay more pleasant.

An efficient Channel Manager

A Channel Manager is not only suitable for large hotels, but also for small hotels and bed and breakfast owners this software can be very interesting. With a Channel Manager you can place your rooms on numerous booking channels with minimal effort. Think of, Expedia, etc. By using a Channel Manager you can achieve a better occupancy rate and avoid those annoying overbookings. The supply of rooms in your hotel will also be synchronized immediately. When an online booking is made via, room availability is quickly adjusted to the other connected booking channels.

An cost-effective online booking module

Have you had a nice website developed for your hotel or bed & breakfast? But is it still difficult to get more direct bookings. Then you can use our booking engine (online booking program). Actually, it is a piece of hotel software that you can use on your own website. It allows you to create more direct bookings without paying commission. Just direct bookings through your own website. You can even increase the number of direct bookings up to 27%. Do you still work with an old-fashioned contact form where you have to check room availability over and over again? Stop that and take advantage of an online booking program.

Happy customers

All-in-one hotel software, need I say more?!

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What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT


Michelle Dardford

58 on Hume

We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm