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Convert tasks into saved time - covering guest communication, payments, reservations, checkouts, and more. Optimise guest experiences through automation with RoomRaccoon's hotel PMS.

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The refreshingly simple, and remarkably efficient, hotel PMS

Reservation Card
Group Bookings
My Property


Looking to take your guest communication to the next level? RoomRaccoon’s hotel PMS can help personalise and automate messages to ensure they hit the mark and are delivered at just the right time.

Say goodbye to generic messages and time-consuming communications and hello to delighted guests!

Group Bookings

Effortlessly manage group bookings for travel agents, corporate groups, and event planners. RoomRaccoon’s property management system is perfect for opening doors to profitable group business opportunities!


Elevate your daily view with RoomRaccoon's intuitive and easy-to-use calendar, colour-coded for an instant snapshot of your bookings.

My Property

Optimise your property's success with customisable room categories, rates, add-ons, and child surcharges with our hotel property management system.

Reservation Card

Everything you need for guest management on a single card! Instantly access key details for a guest's stay – dates, room type, guest info, and more. Simplify check-ins and enhance the guest experience with hotel PMS features like scheduled reminders and booker profiles.


  • Simple "drag and drop" lets you move or upgrade a room reservation.
  • Hover over any reservation to view extra details.
  • Sell and invoice additional spaces like conference rooms and parking with our unique ‘Grey Rooms’ feature.

Reservations are colour-coded according to the real-time status for easy viewing.

Reservations List

RoomRaccoon’s property management system lets you generate custom reservation reports for any given day. These reports can be tailored to suit your requirements and provide in-depth insights into your reservation data.

F&B List

Keep track of your food and beverage (F&B) orders with breakfast, lunch, and dinner filters, and know precisely how much you should prepare! You can also share your F&B List with your kitchen by printing or emailing it.

Housekeeping List

Filter by day and room status to manage current or upcoming housekeeping requirements. Personalise your list by editing columns and emailing the agenda with special instructions to your housekeepers.

Categories and Rooms/Units

To create your property's layout, you can add different categories and rooms or units within those categories.

  • Add enticing category descriptions
  • Add up to 25 room photos per category!
  • Assign bookable add-ons
  • Assign rate plans
  • Assign maximum occupancy, including adults and children

Rate Plans

Create custom rate plans and packages, organise them with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to arrange the order of appearance in the booking engine.

  • Add conditions like minimum stay or a pre-payment.
  • Select derived rates to simplify rate changes.
  • Implement dynamic pricing scenarios that automatically adjust the rates of select rate plans based on room availability and the lead time to check-in.

Learn more about mapping OTA rate plans.


Diversify your revenue streams by offering bookable add-ons such as breakfast, bicycle rentals, or spa treatments.

These add-ons can be sold through the booking engine or via RaccoonUpsell, our digital guest service menu. Or you can manually add them to the reservation card.

Surcharge for Children

Make your hotel the go-to destination for families! Create customisable child policies, including city taxes and surcharges for children.

Negotiated Rates

Save negotiated rates in the booker profile and allow loyal guests or travel agents to book preferred rates through the RoomRaccoon Booking Engine.

Room Allotment

Create a custom group booking by assigning rooms and stay dates to a group profile. Offer flexible room selection options to accommodate different types of group business like weddings and corporate events.

  • Send a custom booking engine link for guest-driven room selection.
  • Allocate guests to rooms with hotelier-driven room assignments.

Check-in times per room

Streamline check-ins for group bookings by allowing guests to update their estimated arrival times online. You can track arrivals on the reservation card.

Add-ons for specific rooms/per day

Assign add-ons to specific rooms and dates in a group booking. This simplifies daily room service, guest management, and revenue tracking.

Booker Profile

Add essential details associated with a booker profile, including primary contact information for all communication and guest preferences. You can also save negotiated rates under the booker's profile.

Guest Details

View all the guests' details, including their booking dates, room type, number of guests, purpose of stay, special requests, and contact information. To make things easier and faster for your guests, let them complete their registration through self-check-in using an iPad or tablet at the front desk or enable online check-in so guest information is documented before arrival.

Schedule Reminders

As a hotelier, you may have a busy day ahead of you! You can rely on RoomRaccoon's PMS software's ‘Remind Me’ feature to assist you. Do you need to add a unique housekeeping request to a reservation or include an add-on for a birthday request? Schedule a reminder before or after the guest's arrival, and enjoy peace of mind.

Pricing & Add-Ons

Add charges to a guest's reservation by including add-ons during their stay or post bar and other on-property charges to their room with a POS connection.


View invoices for each reservation, which you can edit, split, and send to guests via email.


View all payments and due amounts. From here, you can also charge the credit card you have stored, pre-authorize the payment, or send a payment request to your guests. If you have the RaccoonPay Card Machine connected, you can process front desk payments with one click, making in-person payments even easier.



Confirm bookings with stay details and a reservation number for reference.


Confirm booking cancellations and remind guests to book again.

Confirmation Returning Guest

Welcome back returning guests with a personal message.

Confirmation OTA

Personalise booking confirmation emails to guests who booked via an OTA.


Encourage guests to book again with a direct booking discount code.

Booking Proposal

Respond to guest inquiries from emails, telephone calls, and website enquiries with a custom booking proposal. Upon confirmation and prepayment, the system will automatically approve the booking and transform the reservation status from 'Provisional' to 'Confirmed.'

Pre-Stay with online check-in request

Remind guests of their upcoming stay and prompt them to check in and register online. If you have RaccoonUpsell enabled, you can turn this guest touchpoint into a profitable one with a guest service menu and upsell additional add-ons.

Personalise your guest registration by adding information fields such as flight numbers and dietary requirements.

Payment Request

Initiate secure payment requests — right into a guest’s email inbox.

Guest Self Check-Out

Send an online check-out request to guests with check-out information and a secure payment option to settle the outstanding balance.

WhatsApp Messaging

Get in touch with guests on WhatsApp. Open a WhatsApp chat by clicking on a mobile contact number on the reservation card. This will allow you to send guests a direct message without manually adding the guest's contact.

Custom Documents

With our wide variety of system tags, you can create and customise email templates that perfectly suit your business needs.

Popular Premium Upgrades

More exciting tools to level up your operations. Set up your property for success with tools and features that drive better-performing businesses and guest engagement.


Manage your housekeeping & maintenance and streamline team communication with a housekeeping web app.

Learn more


Improve your pricing strategy with valuable competitor insights and adjust rates based on demand using a dynamic pricing tool.

Learn more


Upsell room upgrades and ancillary services to arriving guests with a digital guest service menu and maximise your revenue.

Learn more

Website Builder

RoomRaccoon’s Website Builder is an easy-to-use module that makes it possible to create a high-quality website with pre-built templates.

Learn more

A single platform to increase revenue, streamline operations & delight guests.

An all-in-one solution, ready to revolutionise your property. Request a free demo today. Request a free demo today.


RoomRaccoon’s hotel PMS provides you with the right insights at your fingertips. You can analyse detailed revenue reports on performance metrics such as RevPAR, TrevPAR, occupancy, and much more.

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FAQ: About PMS Software

1What is a hotel PMS and what does a PMS do?
A hotel PMS like RoomRaccoon is a cloud-based system embraced by hotels and other accommodation businesses to manage front- and back-end tasks effortlessly through process automation. It provides a centralised platform for managing reservations and guests. It has features such as property setup (including room categories, rooms/units, and rate plans), payment management, guest communication, reporting, housekeeping, and revenue optimisation tools.
2How does a hotel PMS benefit South African hoteliers?
The adoption of a cloud-based hotel PMS aligns with the strategic goals of US independent hotels by offering operational efficiency, time savings, revenue optimisation, guest experience enhancement, sustainability, and adaptability to evolving industry trends. This technology becomes a valuable asset for hotels aiming to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing market landscape.

If you're looking for a hassle-free hotel management solution, RoomRaccoon is the perfect choice! With its all-in-one system, you can enjoy a seamless experience that includes PMS software, a built-in booking engine, and a channel manager.
3What features should I look for in a hotel PMS for my South African hotel?
If you're in the market for a hotel PMS, it's important to consider these 9 essential features that will help manage A-Z your property operations:

1. Integration Marketplace: Your hotel PMS should integrate with your existing systems for smooth running operations. These include your accounting system, door lock solution, and POS system, among others. Explore RoomRaccoon’s Marketplace.
2. Online check-in and check-out: Modern guests demand seamless and hassle-free experiences. That's why contactless technology is the need of the hour.
3. Intuitive Calendar: It's important for your reservation calendar to be easy to use and intuitive since it's the most frequently used interface. Avoid hotel PMS calendars that resemble Excel spreadsheets.
4. Online Payment Processing: Payments are the lifeblood of a hotel business. You should use a hotel PMS that collects payments at various guest touchpoints.
5. Guest Communication: Keep your guests in the loop, even on the busiest of days. By automating your guest communication via emails or even speedy chats on WhatsApp, you can stay connected with your guests and ensure that they always feel supported.
6. Food and Beverage: Your hotel's PMS should provide an overview of meals included in stays (i.e., breakfast, lunch, or dinner) to ensure your kitchen is well-prepared.
7. Housekeeping: Run a spotless hotel with a housekeeping management feature that allows you to seamlessly collaborate with your team. 8. Dynamic Pricing Tool: Cloud-based PMS systems like RoomRaccoon with integrated dynamic pricing leverage real-time data to optimise your rates based on dynamic pricing scenarios, helping maximise revenue and occupancy.
9. Group Booking Management: A hotel PMS that streamlines group bookings in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events/Exhibitions) segment can enhance profitability.
4How much does a hotel property management system cost?
You can implement RoomRaccoon's hotel property management system for a flat monthly or annual fee (save 20% on annual contracts). You can access our entire platform for just R2610 a month, which includes a PMS, booking engine, and channel manager. Explore our different subscription packages and select one that best suits your operational needs.