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PMS Bed & Breakfast

Are you the proud owner of a bed & breakfast? But are you looking for Property Management Software to optimize the administration of your B&B? Then it is certainly interesting for you to take a look at the PMS software of RoomRaccoon. The hotel software is made for and by hoteliers, so that you can keep your business neatly. With our software you can save a lot of time: Invoices are automatically generated, confirmation emails are sent directly and you can work completely 'in the cloud’. Would you like to try out the PMS for your bed & breakfast? No problem at all! Feel free to create a free account to try out our user-friendly hotel software.

Property Management System

The Property Management System is supposed to be the digital beating heart of your bed & breakfast. In this system all reservations are placed and a lot of processes are automated. You can think of cancellations, down payments, automatic reminders and confirmation e-mails. In short: With our Property Management Software you can really save a lot of time. Even if you're not near your bed & breakfast, you can remotely run your business. Our hotel software works completely 'in the cloud' and is web-based. The purchase of expensive hardware is not necessary, RoomRaccoon's hotel software can be reached online via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Powerful functions for your B&B

A Property Management System not only ensures that a number of processes within your bed & breakfast are simplified. It is also possible to generate well-organized reports. With these reports you quickly get an insight into the room occupancy, through which channels most rooms are booked and from which countries your guests come. With this data you get new insights on which you can respond for the next season. Furthermore, the Property Management System is very safe for a B&B. All customer data is stored securely in the 'cloud', so you will not certainly lose all your data if a computer breaks down.

Even more functionalities

The hotel software from RoomRaccoon does not only contain a Property Management System for your bed & breakfast. You can also benefit from a handy Channel Manager and highly profitable Booking Engine. With the Channel Manager you can make your rooms immediately visible on external booking websites and OTAs. Many people use, Expedia or AirBnB to book a room, so make sure you are present on these channels. Do you prefer more direct bookings from the website of your bed & breakfast? Then you can easily and quickly integrate the Booking Engine on your own website. The main advantage of the direct bookings is that you do not pay commission costs.

Happy customers

Forget all the fancy files and documents, cause the RoomRaccoon software does it all for you.


Du Toit Schreve

Fijndraai Villas

My experience is from the start very positive overall. The support specifically is really great.


Arina Gous-Kemp


We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm