PMS Software

PMS Software

One of the most important functions of user-friendly hotel PMS software is to keep the existing reservations of your hotel or B&B clear. With a Property Management System you can easily manage everything that happens 'in house’. In this case it is not about the availability of the hotel rooms, but specifically about reservations that have already been placed. Another important function of the PMS software is that the invoicing is taken off your hands. With the click of a button you generate a neatly prepared invoice for your customers.

All reservations in the cloud

The hotel PMS software from RoomRaccoon works entirely in the cloud. What does this mean for your hotel? We would like to explain that to you! At RoomRaccoon you can log in and use the PMS wherever and whenever you want. Regardless of the type of device you use (iPhone, Tablet, Laptop). Log in with colleagues at the same time? No problem! The hotel software works as a website, which can be viewed in any web browser. No costs for expensive hardware or software and you do not have to download or install anything.

Features of hotel PMS software

Our hotel PMS software has many useful functions. So it is possible to compile together different arrangements or let the guest pay (partly) in advance. But what about the cancellations that are automatically removed from the agenda so that you immediately create space for new bookings? The hotel PMS software of RoomRaccoon's Hotel Software is very flexible and ensures that you have more time for other important things. No more invoicing in Word, Excel or other programs, this is done completely automatically via RoomRaccoon's PMS software.

All-in-one hotel software

In addition to the handy PMS software, RoomRaccoon also includes a hotel Channel Manager (for managing all booking channels) and a Booking Engine (for increasing the amount of direct bookings through your website). All these functionalities together form a highly desirable hotel software package. With this hotel software you can save a lot of time, generate more revenue thanks to the direct bookings from the hotel booking engine and realize a higher room occupancy by offering the hotel rooms on multiple booking channels (like or Expedia).

Happy customers

Forget all the fancy files and documents, cause the RoomRaccoon software does it all for you.


Du Toit Schreve

Fijndraai Villas

My experience is from the start very positive overall. The support specifically is really great.


Arina Gous-Kemp


We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm