PMS System

Save a lot of time!

Save a lot of time!

With a Property Management System you can save a lot of time. Bookings are managed in the Cloud and many processes are automated. Get rid of that paper reservation book!

Automatic e-mails

Automatic e-mails

Many processes are automated thanks to a PMS system hotel. You can think of automatic e-mail confirmations, automatic invoicing and guests can easily check in with one mouse click.

All reservations in the cloud

All reservations in the cloud

From now on you can view all your reservations wherever and whenever you want. The Property Management System is safe and fully 'responsive' on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Access to the PMS everywhere

Access to the PMS everywhere

The PMS system works completely in the cloud, you no longer need expensive hardware. View the reservations on a tablet or make an adjustment whenever and wherever you want.

PMS System for hotels

A Property Management System is also known as a hotel management software or hotel booking system. But what exactly does a PMS System do and what can you do with it? A Property Management System is the software that keeps your hotel, lodge or holiday home running. This system contains all reservations of the hotel and you can easily manage them. A paper agenda or reservation book is now a thing of the past. This part of our hotel software is safe in the cloud, but you can access it with any type of device.

What can you do with a PMS system?

With a PMS System you can easily keep an overview of all reservations within your hotel, guest house or safari park. You can easily see which reservations have already been paid, which guests have already checked out. But you can also see if customers have specific wishes regarding the reservation. With a PMS system you can easily control the work in the hotel. The Property Management Software contains handy functionalities that can save you a lot of time. Such as automatic confirmation emails and invoicing.

Useful functions in the PMS

Thanks to the automatic confirmations and invoices, you no longer have to work in Word or Excel. This saves a lot of time. But with a Property Management System you can also make a big contribution to the hospitality of your hotel or guesthouse. How about a pre-arrival e-mail with for example an overview of the places of interest in the area? If you have guests who visit more than once, you can easily keep track of their preferences. With a PMS system it is even possible to automatically send a request for a review.

Online PMS System in the cloud

One of the most important advantages of our PMS System is that it fully works in the cloud. That offers numerous advantages. For example, you do not have to purchase expensive hardware for your accommodation. We often see that hoteliers work with a fixed computer at the reception desk to manage their reservations. With an online PMS software this is no longer necessary. All reservations can be accessed whenever and wherever you want. So if you want to make an addition to a reservation, you can even do so on a mobile phone. Say goodbye to your paper reservation book and switch to a professional PMS System.

Happy customers

"The integration and automation of the RoomRaccoon system - that reduces the need for manual intervention - is a revolution in hotel management software."

Jayson — O'Two Hotel

"Training on RoomRaccoon is a breeze compared to some other systems. As a team we really understand the RoomRaccoon system."

Aimee — Clouds Estate Boutique Hotel

"We began to generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier. I have saved so much time since we started using RoomRaccoon."

Ellen Rose — La Providence