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The letters PMS stand for Property Management System and it is the hotel software that helps you manage everything that happens in-house at your hotel or Bed & Breakfast. This involves managing the reservations that have already been placed. With a Property Management System you can easily save a lot of time. For example, the confirmation e-mails and invoices can be drawn up easily and sent automatically. In addition, there are many more personalized e-mail templates that you can use. The Hotel Software is ideal to minimize the number of errors because everything works from one digital central point. Does a customer have specific wishes? Then you can simply place this in the PMS at the relevant booking. Has a guest canceled a hotel room at the last minute? Then this is directly implemented in the hotel software so that all employees are informed.

All reservations 'in the Cloud'

The Property Management Software from RoomRaccoon is completely 'in the cloud’. What does this mean exactly? All reservations that have been made are safely stored 'online’. So you can have a look at the room reservations wherever and whenever you want. If you are not present at your hotel or Bed & Breakfast, the hotel software is easy accessible from a laptop, tablet and smartphone. No special equipment or hardware is needed, all reservations are easy to view. All you need is an internet connection and a device with which you can access the internet. It is even possible to log in simultaneously with several colleagues. Do you still work with a paper reservation book? Stop that! Quickly transfer to a user-friendly PMS.

Ideal software for small hotels

Are you the proud owner of a Bed & Breakfast or a small hotel? Then you can ask yourself whether you need a PMS. We think so, as a hotelier you obviously have enough other things on your mind. Are you still busy with the preparation of the invoices at night? With the hotel software of RoomRaccoon, you draw up an invoice and it is immediately sent to the customer with one click of the mouse. How easy do you want it to be. With the Property Management System you can easily check in and check out your guests. Would you like to know how many guests with a German nationality visited your hotel or bed & breakfast in the month of May? Or do you want to know which external booking channels are most profitable? By means of a few mouse clicks in the PMS you can find out straight way.


Safety goes for everything!

The details of your guests must of course be stored safely. Safety is therefore extremely important. With a Property Management System that works 'in the Cloud', all data is stored securely. Many times safer than a fixed computer or paper reservation book. Of course you do not want all your guests' data to be 'on the street', thanks to RoomRaccoon's hotel software that will never happen. RoomRaccoon is also PCI-compliant, which means that we are certified and approved to store credit card data securely. So are you looking for secure PMS software? Then it is definitely worth trying out RoomRaccoon.

Useful reports and statistics

Many small hotels and bed and breakfasts have no idea what exactly the occupancy rate is or which booking channels generate the most bookings. This is of course very important information that you can certainly use. With the RoomRaccoon Property Management System you can create a well-organised report in just a few clicks. For example, make a handy report with the room availability of the past months, quickly calculate the average room rate or simply create an overview with the preferences of the guests. In short: A powerful piece of software to quickly get an insight into the statistics of your hotel or Bed & Breakfast.


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