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Save a lot of time!

Save a lot of time!

With a Property Management System you can save a lot of time. Bookings are managed in the Cloud and many processes are automated. Get rid of that paper reservation book!

Automatic e-mails

Automatic e-mails

Many processes are automated thanks to a PMS system. You can think of automatic e-mail confirmations, automatic invoicing and guests can easily check in with one mouse click.

All reservations in the cloud

All reservations in the cloud

From now on you can view all your reservations wherever and whenever you want. The Property Management System is safe and fully 'responsive' on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Access to the PMS everywhere

Access to the PMS everywhere

The PMS system works completely in the cloud, you no longer need expensive hardware. View the reservations on a tablet or make an adjustment whenever and wherever you want.

Property Management Software

Property Management Software is certainly a household name in the hotel world. With this hotel software you create more overview in your hotel bookings. Guests can easily check in and out and invoices are sent within only one click of the mouse. With Property Management Software you can easily save a lot of time and focus on making your guests’ stay even more pleasant. The RoomRaccoon PMS system already has useful functionalities, such as guest history, a drag & drop agenda and automatic invoicing. Perhaps the ideal software for your guest house, lodge, bed & breakfast or hotel?

Save a lot of time quickly?

Are you the owner of a small hotel, guest house or a bed and breakfast? Do you doubt whether you want to use Property Management Software? If you want to save a lot of costs and do not want to be involved in administrative work for evenings, then Property Management Software is a perfect solution. This part of our hotel software is also easily accessible online (in the cloud). You no longer need expensive hardware, our hotel software can be used at any time and on any device. Wherever and whenever you would like.

What exactly can you do with a PMS?

The most important function of the Property Management Software is organizing and managing the existing reservations of your accommodation. Everything that happens internally within your hotel or bed & breakfast is managed with this. Very often we see that this happens with handwritten reservation books, but that is now history. A Property Management System is accessible everywhere and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, you can easily create an overview of the occupancy rate, filter the bookings and generate invoices automatically.

More functions...

A number of other important functions within our Property Management Software are: You can add handy notes at reservations. Suppose a guest has special wishes, you can easily filter out the room reservations for people with specific preferences using the PMS software. But you can also remember the preferences of guests. So when a guest returns at a later time, you can immediately see his or her preferences. The most frequently used data in the Property Management Software can also be used for clear reports. This way you have a clear overview of your statistics quickly.

Happy customers

All-in-one hotel software, need I say more?!

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What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT


Michelle Dardford

58 on Hume

We generate a lot more direct bookings, my admin workload decreased and became easier.


Ellen Rose

La Providence Guest Farm