RoomRaccoon: Powering Exceptional Experiences

Future-proof your hotel business with an all-in-one HMS. An HMS is a hotel management system that works with you to optimise your daily operations. With RoomRaccoon, you can take control of your hotel’s future – improving revenue, resource allocation and guest experience.

Ready to Learn How an HMS Can Revolutionise Your Hotel?

Discover the efficiency of a PMS
Our PMS encapsulates the many processes hoteliers deal with day to day and automates them. This allows more time for hoteliers to spend time on their projects, rather than tedious admin tasks.
Understand the capabilities of an HMS
An HMS can sound foreign and even intimidating, but we’ve stripped it back to its beautiful basics. We cover the main features, such as the booking engine, channel manager, and payment processing.
Master digital techniques to save time & money
With features such as revenue management, housekeeping pro, reports and finance – your life as a hotelier will be easier and simpler. All of your hotel’s operations and information will be consolidated on our easy-to-use RoomRaccoon PMS.

Empower Yourself With Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Revenue Management