Booking Engine

Hotel Reservation Software that increases direct bookings

Looking for a Booking Engine? 

What is a Booking Engine? A booking engine is hotel reservation software or hotel booking software that can be implemented onto your hotel's website to receive direct bookings.

This booking engine will make it able to receive commission FREE bookings. Do you have a booking engine which is not very compatible? Click below and experience how simple and easy the RoomRaccoon booking engine is!

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Encourage direct bookings

Why do I need a Booking Engine? A Booking Engine replaces a booking request form on your hotel website and gives the guests the opportunity to book available rooms instantly. Being used to alternatives like, guests have little patience to fill in a form and then wait for an answer regarding their booking request. And let's be honest, would you have the patience? By use of a Booking Engine, you encourage direct bookings on your website and this saves you commission costs.

Do you already have a booking engine, but your guests do not really book directly via your website? Give the RoomRaccoon booking engine a try, the simple and user friendliness will make you understand why you should change to a more compatible booking engine.


27% more direct bookings

Our customers experience a 27% increase in direct bookings with the compatible Direct Booking Systeem of RoomRaccoon.


RoomRaccoon's Hotel Reservation Software

no commission

Watch out! Many Channel Managers or PMS providers charge a commission percentage on every booking. RoomRaccoon's Booking Engine is commission free! Direct bookings are for you and your guests free of hidden charges!



Good to know about Booking Engines

The booking engine makes it possible for your guests to see live rates and availability. This creates a huge opportunity for the hotel to attract your potential guest to book directly. Nowadays it's becoming more and more important to match a visually attractive and user-friendly hotel booking system to your own website. Guests are becoming more aware of how much commission a hotel is charged by external booking channels. This is your opportunity!

After comparing prices and reviews on an OTA (, most people take the time to go to your website to check out your Booking Engine. Hence, your Booking Engine should be easy to use. The booking engine should look good and inspire the guest to book. The five key features to increase your direct bookings:

  1. Compatible and user friendly booking engine for all devices
  2. Visually attractive photo’s of your rooms
  3. Easy overview of rates and availability
  4. Award your guest to book directly
  5. Provide package deals

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Looking Good...

When you implement a Booking Engine on your own website, it is of course important that your website and the Booking Engine have the same house style and that your rooms are shown with large pictures.

Guests just love pictures! With the RoomRaccoon hotel reservation system you have everything under control. The Booking Engine can be used with your own colours, pictures and descriptions. Do you have a new picture of your hotel room? Upload it effortlessly in RoomRaccoon.
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Pre-payments or credit card details?

With RoomRaccoon you can choose yourself what kind of guarantee you ask before a guest can book. Would you always like to receive credit card details or do you want your guests to pay in advance? No problem at all.

We are connected to DPO | PayGate, a payment provider who guarantees the privacy of your guest's credit card data in South Africa. DPO | PayGate makes it able with one click to send your guest a payment link to secure the booking via an EFT or 3D Secure payment.

Package Deals & Add-ons?

Package deals are a great way to stimulate direct bookings. With RoomRaccoon’s hotel reservation software, that's a no brainer. RoomRaccoon makes it able to create the customised packages you would like to provide for your guests. Most popular packages used by our South African clients are; honeymoon package, winelands package or a full Cape Town experience. Package deals make it able to increase the satisfaction of your guests in combination with increasing the guest spend.

Add-ons, such as an airport shuttle or bottle of MCC, not only generate extra revenue. They can also be used to offer you additional information about your guest (e.g. gluten allergy). Add-ons can easily be added to a reservation when RoomRaccoon's hotel reservation software is used. So, what are you waiting for?


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