Compete against major OTAs for direct bookings with Google Hotel Ads

Partner with RoomRaccoon, a Google Hotels connectivity partner. Guide travellers straight to your website and maximise ROI with our pay-per-stay model.

Get more exposure with sponsored hotel ads

Did you know that 57% of travellers start the process of booking accommodation with a Google query such as “hotels in [Your Location]” or “hotels near [Your Location] beach”?

Attract travellers who are actively looking for a hotel in a particular area. Google’s sponsored hotel ads contain your company's name, direct booking rate, availability, and text callouts to highlight the unique benefits of booking through your website.

Partner with Google to grow your direct bookings

If your goal is to be less reliant on expensive OTAs and grow your direct business, Google Hotels can be a powerful ally to help you achieve just that. Through a connectivity partner like RoomRaccoon, Google helps travelers discover your hotel, shares your real-time nightly rates and sends customers to book your hotel directly from your website equipped with an integrated booking engine.

Benefits of Google-assisted direct bookings:

  • Maximise exposure for your direct booking rates 
  • Drive guest spending with enticing add-ons via your booking engine.
  • Capture and own the guest and booking data that matter to you. 
  • Amplify your brand's presence and recognition.
  • Convert direct bookers into loyal, repeat guests through a consistent guest journey.
  • Reduced commission fees compared to OTAs.
  • Enjoy cost predictability with a fixed fee structure. 
  • Improve your property's cash flow as you can get paid immediately rather than after the stay date.

RoomRaccoon’s Google Hotels Services

Seamless setup, bidding, and billing

You don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to benefit from Google Hotel Ads. RoomRaccoon offers managed services at no additional cost!

Kick back and let us handle everything:

• We take care of the entire set-up from start to finish!
• We manage your bidding strategy to maximise your return
• Skip creating a Google Ads Manager account we manage payments for you
• Receive a detailed invoice at month-end for full transparency

Manage click-happy travellers with pay-per-stay

Through our partnership with Google Hotels, we offer an exclusive pay-per-stay (PPS) pricing model that only charges commissions for confirmed bookings, unlike standard search ad campaigns, which charge a pay-per-click (PPC).

Our PPS pricing model offers peace of mind for hotels. It allows potential travelers to engage with your hotel ad multiple times as they plan their trip, and you're only charged upon successful booking completion. What's more, it includes a fixed fee, so you will always know how much you will be charged for each booking. No surprises!

A single platform to increase revenue, streamline operations & delight guests.

Google Hotel Ads: Resources

FAQ: Google Hotel Ads

1What are Google Hotel Ads?
Google Hotel Search is a powerful tool provided by Google that serves as a metasearch platform, guiding travelers toward accommodations that align perfectly with what they are looking for. What sets Google Hotels apart is its ability to put your hotel in direct competition with major online travel agencies (OTAs) such as and Expedia.
2How do Google Hotel Ads work?
Google Hotel Search is the ultimate hotel marketplace – where all OTAs and hotels can advertise rooms and availability. It’s often the first place vacation-hungry guests look for their accommodation: through a Google search.

Location-specific searches: When travellers look for a place to stay in a particular area or near popular tourist attractions, they'll find a hotel search module where they can view pictures, names, prices, and a map of hotels. This lets them quickly compare the rates offered on various OTAs, including your direct booking link so that they can book the best option.

Brand name searches: On the other hand, if someone searches your hotel by its name, they'll see your Google Business Profile, which includes an expanded hotel search module. This section lists your current rates on the OTAs you're partnered with and compares them to those available through your website. This demonstrates that having active Google Hotel Ads is imperative in preventing OTAs from pinching traffic from direct search results.
3How much do Google Hotel Ads cost?
Google Hotels operates like an OTA. There will always be a commission for bookings made through this service. However, the commission you will be charged by Google will be less than that of OTAs like, which can charge 15% or more! Commission cost is only calculated for confirmed bookings, meaning it's pay-per-stay (not pay-per-click.) RoomRaccoon's PPS model reduces the risk of your hotel's advertising budget being spent on click-happy travellers on the hunt.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Google Hotels pricing. We would be happy to provide you with more information.
4What is the difference between Google Hotel Ads and Google Ads?
Google Hotels is a specialised platform within the Google ecosystem designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It allows travellers to search for accommodations, compare prices, view reviews, and make bookings directly through your hotel’s website.

Additionally, Google Hotel Ads appear in various places across Google's search ecosystem, including Google Maps. They also contain different types of content, such as room rates, availability, and marketing callouts like free cancellation.

Take a look at the infographic below that compares Google Hotel Ads and Google Ads.


5What are the differences between free and paid booking links?
Paid booking links are prioritised at the top of the search results and provide greater visibility, helping to increase click-through rates and ultimately drive more bookings. On the other hand, free booking links are listed below and receive far less visibility, essentially failing to shift bookings from OTAs to your website. Ironically, free listings may end up costing you more money as OTAs gain greater visibility and win the bookings. Hence, investing in paid booking links can be an effective strategy to improve your direct booking performance and increase your revenue potential.
6What is a Google Business Profile?
A Google Business Profile is a useful and free tool for hotel owners to manage their business information and engage with potential customers. If you want to run Google Hotel Ads, creating a Google Business Profile is mandatory. Setting up your profile as completely as possible can help you increase direct bookings.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Add contact information like your phone number, website address, operating hours, and email address.
  • Show your hotel’s personality with photos, a cover image, your logo and more to stand out.
  • Add posts to your business profile to promote special offers, events, and updates to keep customers in the loop.
7What are the common mistakes hotels make when using Google Hotel Ads?
Incorrectly setting up your Business Profile: When creating your business profile, it's crucial to ensure that the provided business name and location align with the physical location and official business name for validation purposes. For example, if you're a property management company looking to advertise for a property within your portfolio, you must use the business profile associated with that specific property when running ads.

Here are the additional property requirements for hotels listed on Google Hotels:

  • Accommodate overnight guests
  • Maintain a physical presence with a fixed, publicly accessible location
  • Have permanent walls and plumbing facilities
  • Operate with a staffed front desk or on-site management available during business hours
  • The minimum stay requirement should not surpass 7 days

Your direct booking rate is higher than your OTA rates: In order to outcompete OTAs such as and Expedia, it's important that your direct booking rate is more attractive. One way to achieve this is by offering different rates on your website and OTA platforms. You should also be mindful of running OTA-specific promotions simultaneously with your Google Hotel Ads.

Not maintaining your Business Profile: It’s important to keep your business profile up-to-date with recent images of your property and to reply to public customer reviews to build trust with new and returning customers. You should also keep your business information, such as phone number, email address, and operating hours, updated to avoid any confusion.