Understand Your Performance Through Smart Hotel Reporting

Get real-time data on your business with RaccoonReporting, our hotel reporting module. View key hotel performance metrics presented in a clear visual layout—no calculations needed!

Actionable Hotel Insights:
Less Analysis, More Impact


Dependable data delivered

Bid farewell to spreadsheets and save time with accurate data conveniently accessible from a single source.


Keep track of your
main KPIs

Track performance & make data-driven decisions, optimize revenue streams, and enhance guest experiences.


Export data with
one click

Download reports in CSV files and easily share them with your team and other stakeholders.


Instant integrated insights

Quickly generate valuable insights from RoomRaccoon—no need for complex integrations.

Reservation-based insights to look for

Upsell and cross-sell
performance insights

Get valuable insights on your extra revenue sources with RaccoonUpsell Reports. These hotel reports help keep track of the additional revenue earned from offering room upgrades, ancillary services, and premium packages.

Analyze which upsells are more popular among guests and customize your offerings to match their preferences.

- Total upsell revenue

- Most popular add-ons

- Most upsold room categories

Revenue performance reports

Detailed and Daily Revenue Reports

Access a wealth of detailed information about your hotel's performance metrics and reservation channels, including RoomRaccoon's booking engine. You can analyse monthly pick-ups and revenue categories, such as "food" or "tours," to understand your revenue breakdown better. This detailed analysis can help you streamline supplier settlements, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Booking Engine Revenue
  • Revenue per Revenue Group
  • Room Revenue
  • POS Revenue

Advanced Revenue Reports

Our premium and enterprise users can access advanced reports that provide comprehensive revenue data to track revenue against their target budget. These reports include:

  • Year-on-Year Reports: These reports show how your revenue has changed over time, so you can see if you're on track to meet your goals.
  • Actual vs. Budget Reports: These reports compare your actual revenue to your budget, so you can see where you're over or underperforming.

Hotel Reporting

1What is hotel reporting software?
Hotel reporting software delivers insights to help your hotel make strategic decisions for short- and long-term goals. RoomRaccoon’s hotel reporting module tracks your property’s data to let you closely analyze performance.
2What are the benefits of hotel reporting?
If you can't measure something, you can't improve it. To be successful, your hotel needs effective reporting to achieve its goals. Here are the key benefits of hotel reporting:

- Revenue Optimization: By analyzing detailed revenue reports, hoteliers can identify revenue streams, analyze revenue breakdowns, and focus on areas with the highest revenue potential. This leads to more effective revenue management and improved profitability.
- Forecasting and Planning: Reports with historical data and trends can assist with predicting future demand, occupancy, and revenue. This information is useful for planning your hotel's growth strategy.
- Targeted Marketing: Hotel reports help generate guest profiles. This leads to more effective marketing strategies and enhanced guest experiences.
3What hotel reporting does RoomRaccoon offer?
RoomRaccoon’s reporting module is the perfect solution for independent hoteliers who want insights into their property to optimize key performance metrics. RoomRaccoon captures extensive booking data to provide hoteliers with real-time insights in easy-to-view graphs and tables that can be easily exported with a single click.