Discover the hotels that are leading the pack in property management and innovation. We’re proud to present these case studies from our distinguished hoteliers.

Our hoteliers are at the heart of our business. Hear what they have to say about using our intuitive solution.

Unlock Your Hotel’s Potential

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Why Hoteliers Love RoomRaccoon

Best option on the market

"RoomRaccoon has turned our business operations around. It‘s easy and intuitive to use, has many features that were important for our decision making when it came to a new hotel management software and many features that have made business a breeze."

Owner, Fransvleit
Makes life easier

"What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT! It has made my life as a B&B owner so much easier"

Owner, 58 On Hume
It's changed the way that we operate

"We're in our second year working with RoomRaccoon and are truly happy with the service provided by the team, and the products. It's changed the way that we operate in the best way, and we look forward to growing our business alongside them in years to come!"

Owner, Southern Yurts
Intuitive system

"This is the best and easiest booking and channel management system I found available on the market. The team is really friendly and always ready to help in case of any queries. Will recommend without hesitation!"

General Manager, Ocean Sports


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