The Lodge Management System That Elevates Nature Getaways

Your lodge provides a tranquil escape amid natural beauty.

Upgrade your lodge operations with RoomRaccoon's management software, which provides modern solutions to attract more guests searching for an exclusive outdoor retreat paired with exceptional service.

What your lodge can do
with RoomRaccoon software

Integrated lodge management software, all in one platform.

Channel Manager:
Connect directly to top booking channels

We’re partnered with leading OTAs and third-party booking channels to expand the reach of your room sales across multiple platforms.

Effortlessly manage your rates and availability with RoomRaccoon’s lightning-fast channel manager, all from a single screen.

Booking Engine:
Make your website bookable in an instant

By connecting the RoomRaccoon booking engine to your lodge website, you can easily convert visitors into paying guests.

Encourage guests to make direct bookings with fully integrated features:
  • Currency and language converter
  • Multi-property switcher
  • Booking confirmation
  • Price Checker
  • Discount codes
  • Room add-ons
  • Responsive design
  • Pre-payments

PMS: Manage back and
front-end operations

The RoomRaccoon property management system (PMS) acts as a centralized hub, integrating multiple modules that cater to every aspect of lodge operations, including guest management, revenue management, property set-up, housekeeping, payments, reporting, and more!

The Connected Lodge

  • Online check-in

  • Upsells

  • Marketplace

  • Personalised emails

  • Online self check-out

  • Housekeeping app

  • Digital payment requests

  • Mobile key integrations

  • Packages & add-ons

    Things to consider

    Engineered to suit your needs, our user-friendly lodge management system blends effortlessly with your existing tools, all while prioritizing impeccable security. Experience growth without limits, backed by reliable support and regular updates.

    Empower your team with intuitive technology that evolves, adjusts, and excels, just like the ever-changing beauty of the outdoors.

    Training and support

    Dedicated services to get you up and running quickly with continued support.

    Features and ease of use

    Directly tailor the system to your setup with integrated modules and upgrades.

    Why Property Operators Love RoomRaccoon

    Exceptional professionalism

    "RoomRaccooon has transformed our booking management system overnight. The professionalism it allows us to deliver to our clients is exceptional."

    Mariessa Devlin, Gleneagles Luxury Apartments
    Makes life easier

    "What is RoomRaccoon in one word……. BRILLIANT! It has made my life as a B&B owner so much easier"

    Owner, 58 On Hume
    User Friendly

    RoomRaccoon's best features are its user-friendliness, modernity, connection to our online payment system and other platforms, as well as the constant evolution and improvement.

    Property owner, Mr. Kahawa Waterfront Suites
    Intuitive system

    "This is the best and easiest booking and channel management system I found available on the market. The team is really friendly and always ready to help in case of any queries. Will recommend without hesitation!"

    General Manager, Ocean Sports

    Resources for Lodges

    The Essential Guide to Choosing Lodge Management Software

    Lodge management software has become increasingly popular as lodges strive to remain competitive and benefit from technological advancements.

    Are you part of a lodge team and searching for the perfect management solution? 

    FAQs About Lodge Management Software

    1What is a Lodge Management System and how does it work?
    A Lodge Management System is a software solution that automates operations, tailors guest experiences, and safeguards data. It boosts revenue, empowers staff, and fuels business growth. By automating these processes, the system helps lodges enhance guest satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
    2What are the key benefits of using a Lodge Management System?
    As a lodge owner, you're well aware that ancillary services such as game drives, guided walks, barbecue packets, and F&B play a pivotal role in revenue generation. Yet, there is often a lack of promotion, which means guests are not aware of these add-ons. As a result, lodges miss out on increasing their total revenue per available room (TrevPAR). A Lodge Management System helps you efficiently showcase these services, enhancing guest experiences and revenue potential. With a feature like RaccoonUpsell, you can engage guests during online check-in with exciting add-on service options and room upgrades.
    3How can a Lodge Management System enhance guest experiences?
    A Lodge Management System elevates guest experiences by personalizing services based on preferences, ensuring smooth check-ins, housekeeping, and seamless billing. It empowers staff to respond promptly, creating a delightful blend of nature's charm and convenience for modern travelers.
    4What features should I look for in a Lodge Management System?
    When looking for a Lodge Management System, there are several features that you should consider. Common features of a lodge management system include: Reservation and booking management Guest check-in and check-out Room allocation and management Billing and invoicing OTA integrations Reporting and analytics Housekeeping and maintenance Channel management Revenue management and pricing tools
    5 Is data security ensured in a Lodge Management System?
    Absolutely! RoomRaccoon’s lodge management software uses industry-leading encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with industry standards. Payments are secured with 3D Secure to prevent chargebacks and fraud. Guest data is tokenized within the system. As a hotelier, you have full control over user permissions, allowing you to limit and restrict access based on roles and responsibilities. This means that your housekeeping staff might have access to room assignments and cleaning statuses, while your general managers have access to financial reports and guest profiles.
    6 How much does a good lodge management management system cost?
    At RoomRaccoon, we understand that every lodge is unique, which is why we offer a variety of packages to fit your specific needs. Our Entry, Starter, Premium, and Enterprise options are tailored to accommodate different lodge sizes and demands, starting at R2000 per month based on property size. You can choose from a range of basic to advanced features, all at a price that works for your budget. Get in touch with us or visit our pricing page to find your ideal lodge package.