Let your guests enjoy keyless entry with digital hotel room keys

Switch to digital hotel room keys that enhance the check-in experience while promoting safety and sustainability. Your guests can enjoy keyless hotel entry that is convenient and faster.


Increase efficiency with a keyless front desk and keyless entry

Meet guest expectations for enhanced check-in convenience. When combined with online check-in, digital hotel room keys allow guests to skip the front desk and go straight to their rooms, thus enjoying the comfort of keyless entry.

Self-service technology is the future​

70% of guests want to use their smartphones to speed up check-in and registration. Self-service technology like mobile room keys allows guests to enjoy complete control over their hotel experience.

Keyless entry into your hotel limits physical contact and front-desk interaction.


Our Room Key Partners

RoomRaccoon integrates with leading hotel room key providers. Salto, Flexipass and Nuki are a few of our door lock technology partners.

Save costs with minimal maintenance

Switching to digital room keys eliminates costs like replacements, printing, programming, routine on-site maintenance, and malfunctioning plastic key cards.


Attract more eco-tourists​

According to, 68% of tourists prefer to book eco-friendly accommodation. Plastic-free key solutions can form part of your property’s sustainable marketing strategy.

FAQs: Digital Hotel Room Keys

Mobile keys

Mobile keys are digital keys that allow guests to open hotel doors via a smartphone. 76% of travelers say that a smartphone is their most important travel companion, and for this reason, it makes sense to invest in the future of keyless entry.

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks can be opened with a PIN, a chip card, fingerprint, or an app. Digital systems are very handy and provide a wide range of functions and features. Some door locks require a stable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to work.

Depending on the model chosen, digital door locks can be installed on a range of doors, including timber, multi-point UPVC, aluminum, and glass as well as external doors. Digital door locks can easily and quickly be reprogrammed and instantly reinstated if compromised or if there is a changeover in staff.

There are many reasons why hoteliers are increasingly adopting digital key solutions:

  • Greater guest convenience with online check-in and online check-out
  • Increased guest security with authentication of digital key technology
  • Improved guest online hotel reviews (on average a 7 point improvement)
  • Ability to feature add-ons and drive revenue on mobile key app
  • Enhanced guest and staff safety by eliminating keycard handoffs and minimizing in-person interactions
  • Guests enjoy ‘straight to hotel room’ privilege and easier physical distancing
  • Hotels benefit from environmental credits by reducing plastic usage and waste