Updated Guide: What is the Best Hotel Check-In Software?

August 25, 2022 James Hood
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The best hotel check-in software enables hotels to deliver a fast and efficient check-in process so guests can start their relaxing vacation quickly. More importantly, it lets guest arrivals check-in online, reducing front desk queues and adding a new layer of convenience to the guest’s journey.

Nowadays, you don’t need to install separate check-in software at your hotel because any sound property management system (PMS) has check-in management functionalities as a prerequisite. 

Check-in may only play a small part in your property operations, but it’s a big part of your guest’s experience. It is the guests’ first impression of your hospitality and sets the tone for the rest of the guest’s stay. 

This blog looks at the important benefits of check-in software and the functionalities your hotel booking software should offer. We also explain how the functions enhance the guest experience. Let’s dive in to learn more about hotel check-in and check-out software!

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What Are the Benefits of Hotel Check-In Software?


1. Boost guest convenience

Your guests can enjoy more convenience with check-in software for hotels. In particular with online check-in and online check-out. When guests can check in online, this allows a feeling of control over their stay. This is especially important since hotels house many weary travellers who may have had a challenging journey.

2. Create a seamless booking journey

Guests who book your hotel online are looking for a flawless user journey. This starts with a hotel booking engine. Not only does it offer a connected booking journey – you can earn more revenue from direct bookings. By providing hotel guest check-in software, your guests can expect the same seamless high-tech experience from booking to check-out. 

Top Tip: Wondering how to increase your direct bookings? Download our guide to more direct bookings for your hotel!

3. Save valuable time

Online check-in hotel software helps you to save time. With integrated hotel management software, online check-ins are automatically logged for your convenience. No more long lines and painstaking admin that frustrates guests. Digital ID scanners allow guests to confirm their identity digitally beforehand. All so you can focus your efforts on giving the guest the best experience.

4. Improve manual processes

Check-in hotel software helps to improve your overall processes. By investing in a software solution, your HMS does all the heavy lifting. Relieve front desk stress on online check-in and online check-out to upselling. Streamline processes and increase revenue with automated upselling in online check-in. With hotel guests using check-in software, hoteliers and guests both save time.

5. Personalised Guest Communication

With an integrated Hotel Management System, your guests will feel like a part of the family. RoomRaccoon allows property owners to create customised documentation, from the logo to the content. You can also create and manage email communications in our HMS, saving you time while forming lasting connections with your guests. Need inspiration? Check out our free hotel email templates.

6. Better your online reputation

When your guests have a good experience with your property, they’ll leave with happy memories. This translates into great online reviews on your Google My Business profile or profiles on booking channels. Online reputation is everything, and a good check-in experience is crucial to travellers. By using software that improves guest experience, you’re bolstering and boosting your property’s online reputation.

5 Modern Hotel Check-In Software Functionalities

Here are five unique hotel check-in software functionalities that RoomRaccoon offers to turn the traditional check-in process into a personalized and profitable touchpoint for your hotel. 

1. Quick access to guest reservations

The benefit of using an all-in-one property management system is that you don’t struggle with different software logins and interfaces. Especially when guests arrive during peak hours for check-in! All booker and guest information is available at the click of a button in the reservations calendar view, from direct bookings to bookings from Online Travel Agencies and Google Hotel Ads.

With a PMS like RoomRaccoon, the reservations calendar is directly linked to the guest profiles. This means you can fill out the guest registration details with one click. A PMS also provides you with a simple visual overview of all of your reservations. RoomRaccoon’s interface uses colour coding to display the status of the booking as well as the payment status.

2. Hotel digital ID scanner

Manual guest registration is time-consuming and leaves room for errors. With a hotel digital ID scanner, you can register more guests in half the time. You’ll also know that you have accurate accounts of all guests who have checked in.

You can also enable this handy feature during online check-in. Guests can then use mobile phones to scan their ID documents and complete check-in before arrival. This gives guests the best possible first impression of your hotel – before they’ve even stepped foot in the door!

3. Mobile hotel check-in

A check-in system is no longer limited to the front desk. Although online hotel check-in software was in high demand during the pandemic to promote safety and social distancing, the benefits soon surpassed pandemic requirements, and more hotels are adopting the software for its convenience and efficiency. 

Travelers prefer the self-service option that empowers them to manage their time and interact with the hotel in the way they choose. It’s also a unique touchpoint that enables hotels to upsell without human interaction. As a bonus, guests can customise their stay with pertinent information (like food allergies) before arrival. 

4. Automated upselling

RoomRaccoon is the only property management system with a native automated upselling tool for online check-in. Arrivals can browse a guest service menu and choose from room upgrades or extra services such as spa treatments or a bottle of champagne to customise their stay.  

This hotel check-in software functionality takes the challenging and sometimes awkward task of selling to new guests out of your staff’s hands. To top it off, hotels that use pre-arrival upselling increase RevPAR by up to 14% on average. 

5. Specify your property’s check-in and check-out times

With hotel front desk software, you can specify your property’s check-in times and set the timing for your automated pre-stay emails. One day before the guest arrives? Five hours before arrival? It’s entirely within your control, and guests who book directly with your hotel can add a comment to warn you if they are late. 

Start a Free Hotel Check-in Software Trial

It would help if you chose a hotel check-in vendor offering a free product trial. With this level of transparency, you know the software will deliver what it promises.  

A free hotel check-in software trial allows you to test the software to see if it meets your needs before making a purchase. With so many options on the market, taking advantage of a free trial can help you narrow down your choices and find the right fit for your business.

RoomRaccoon offers a 30-day free trial. You’ll have plenty of time to test the many hotel check-in functionalities discussed above and see how you can deliver a fast and efficient registration process at your front desk or online!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an all-in-one PMS better than hotel check-in software?

If you need a hotel check-in system, then you also need a reservation calendar to save guest details. And if you need a reservations calendar, you need channel management software to keep your booking synched. 

That’s why RoomRaccoon offers an all-in-one solution that includes a property management system, hotel booking engine, payment platform, and channel manager — in one easy-to-use platform.

How much does check-in hotel software cost?

As part of a property management system, hotel check-in software is more affordable because you pay for one subscription that delivers much more value than a single function. You also avoid the hassle of paying multiple contracts every month. 

For a hotel with approximately 18 rooms, you can pay as little as R3750 per month on an annual subscription. This includes hotel check-in software and other useful entry-level features in our Hotel Management System. You can calculate your property’s costs with our handy price calculator.

The cost of using hotel reservation software can be on a commission-based or monthly/annual subscription. A monthly or yearly subscription is better for budgeting as it is a predictable, flat fee. It further allows you to earn a real return on investment (instead of taking a significant chunk of your revenue).

Hotel check-in system software comparison

When looking for a hotel check-in system, you can narrow your focus by looking at some essential factors:

  • Price – Flexible packages for small to medium and enterprise properties.
  • Functionality – You want a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that precisely delivers your business needs.
  • Ease of use – Staff members should quickly adapt to a new user-friendly interface.
  • Reputation – The Hotel Tech Report is a reliable source for hotel check-in software reviews. 
  • Support – If something needs to be resolved at your property, it has to happen quickly. That’s why it’s vital to be able to promptly get in touch with support staff who speak your language.
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