As part of its mission to make the guest experience as luxurious as possible, O’Two Hotel implemented RoomRaccoon. In this case study, we will explore how RoomRaccoon has helped O’Two Hotel to improve its bottom line and upsell more luxury packages.

About O'Two Hotel

Mouille Point, South Africa
34 rooms
Luxury Boutique Hotel

For those seeking a truly luxurious experience, O’Two Hotel is an exquisite boutique hotel that offers unparalleled indulgence and timeless elegance. Every room has been meticulously designed with lavish furnishings, classic decor, king-size beds, bespoke amenities and private balconies to offer stunning views of Cape Town.

Situated in the Atlantic Seaboard, this hotel is surrounded by iconic attractions and natural beauty. What truly sets it apart is its commitment to personalised service that ensures every guest feels special and appreciated. The rooftop bar provides an unforgettable view of Cape Town and makes for a captivating highlight at the O’Two Hotel. In a sea of larger, homogenous hotels, the O’Two stands out with its distinct personality and an unparalleled guest experience that goes above and beyond expectations.

Revenue Reaches New Heights


Stuck in a reactive pricing strategy, O’Two Hotel was missing out on potential revenue due to their inability to adjust prices quickly and take advantage of sudden changes in demand, last-minute bookings and local events. Jayson and his team also manually edited booking channel extranets to ensure the commission structure and parameters were always met.


Utilising the RaccoonRev competitor analysis tool and dynamic pricing rules, the O’Two Hotel could strategically adjust its rates according to market demand and competitor activities. This proactive approach resulted in an increased average daily rate (ADR) during times of peak demand. Plus, the RoomRaccoon built-in channel manager makes quick rate modifications across the O’Two Hotels booking channels simultaneously, thanks to the bulk sync toggle. Alternatively, individual rates can be modified as required.


The O’Two Hotel increased RevPAR by 212%.

“RoomRaccoon is great because it offers us a large degree of personalisation and customisation. Before RoomRaccoon, personalisation was completely manual. With the automation tools in the system, we only have to set these things up once and let it run.”

Enhanced Visibility, More Visitors


When the O’Two Hotel opened its doors in 2019, it had a limited online presence, and the team was initially unable to dedicate much attention to guests’ experiences due to manual operations. RoomRaccoon was then implemented in order to address these issues.


Visiting O’Two Hotel’s website is an exciting experience, as visitors are welcomed with a pop-up offering an exclusive direct booking discount. This offer can be redeemed through RoomRaccoon’s integrated online booking engine, resulting in a noticeable increase in direct business for the hotel. What’s more, the built-in channel manager has helped O’Two Hotel increase its visibility and better manage bookings across its top-performing channels, and Expedia.


O’Two Hotel enjoys a remarkable increase of 36% in occupancy since implementing RoomRaccoon.

Shedding Light on Ancillary Services


To prompt guests to upgrade their experiences, O’Two Hotel emailed each guest with details of luxury packages. Unfortunately, this created a tedious process for the staff as each upgrade had to be manually added to the reservation when guests replied with their selection. At check-in, the staff had to take a lot of time to explain available upgrade options to guests. This resulted in fewer guests taking advantage of last-minute upgrades.


The O’Two has implemented RaccoonUpsell, the automated guest service menu that allows guests to select upgrades and add-ons before their stay. This could range from room upgrades to wine tours or lovers’ packages. Additionally, RoomRaccoon’s online check-in system allows guests to register easily and provide the front desk administrator with important information, such as dietary requirements and flight numbers.


O’Two dramatically increased its ancillary revenue stream, realising a return on investment (ROI) of 223% from using RaccoonUpsell.

“RoomRaccoon is the secret weapon to successful hotel management.” - Jayson Van Noordwyk, General Manager of the O’Two Hotel.

Jayson has had the pleasure of managing the magnificent O’Two Hotel with RoomRaccoon’s hotel management software. Watch what he has to say about it.


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