TallOrder POS

The TallOrder POS integration with RoomRaccoon provides hotels with tools to upsell and manage their payments, reservations, inventory, and customer loyalty programs to streamline their business operations and increase their income.

About TallOrder

TallOrder is the fastest and most efficient Point of Sale System (POS) in South Africa. It is designed to maximise your property’s revenue, simplify your business and payment processes, and understand your guest’s needs and preferences to provide them with a satisfying experience.

Benefits of the integration

  • Seamless payment processing
  • You can automatically upsell, cross-sell and market your rooms to increase your income.
  • You gain insights into your guests’ spending habits to create personalised experiences, promotions, and loyalty programmes for them. 
  • You can manage multiple promotions to keep guests returning to your hotel. 
  • You can automatically sync your sales, payments, receipts, and inventory costs to your accounting software, reducing the possibility of human error and allowing for instant and real-time updates.
  • You can also automate your front desk administration and control your back office operations, saving you valuable time and money.

How does the TallOrder POS integration work with RoomRaccoon

TallOrder will send the guests purchasing information from the various touchpoints (front desk, bar, spa, etc.) to the reservation in RoomRaccoon. 


RomRaccoon will automatically generate an invoice from the purchasing information received from TallOrder, which will give the guests a full account of their cost to the property. 


The guest can then settle the bill upon check-out with multiple payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and cash, so they can have more options to pay quickly and easily. 


Without this integration, each area of the property must manually send or communicate billing information to the front desk. In a busy property, it’s easy for mistakes to happen. When it comes time for final payment at the front desk, the last thing you want to do is leave guests with a poor impression through mishandled charges or billing errors.

Connect to TallOrder

Search TallOrder in the Marketplace, and click on the plus icon. An integration notification will be sent to RoomRaccoon.


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