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If you’re a hotelier looking to boost revenue and occupancy, you’re in the right place. Hotel package ideas aren’t just about guest experiences; they’re your secret weapon for maximizing revenue.

We’ll show you how to craft creative hotel packages and market them effectively. It’s all about driving revenue growth while keeping guests happy.

In our blog, we’ll explore effective hotel package ideas that can help you attract more guests, increase revenue, and provide an exceptional guest experience. Keep reading and discover winning strategies to make your hotel a top choice for travellers.

What Are Hotel Packages?

Female relaxing at hotel poolside | Hotel Package Ideas

Think of a hotel package as a customised invitation to an enriched stay. It’s a personalised offering that extends beyond a standard room reservation, blending accommodations with thoughtfully curated amenities, services, and experiences.

These hotel package ideas are designed to elevate the guest experience by delivering added value, convenience, and often cost savings compared to booking each component separately.

As a hotelier, if you’re looking to boost revenue and occupancy, hotel packages are a great way to drive bookings and delight travellers. They’re not just about guest experiences but also about your success.

Many hoteliers have seen great success in driving more bookings by using a booking engine to offer guests customised packages that cater to their preferences.

So why not try it for yourself and see the positive impact it can have on your hotel’s revenue and guest satisfaction?

Why You Should Consider Hotel Packages For Your Business

Female guest sitting at hotel pool area with breakfast board | Hotel Package Ideas

Hotel packages have become an integral part of hotel revenue management. These hotel room package ideas are not just about providing a comfortable stay to your guests, but they also help generate more revenue for your hotel.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider offering unique and enticing hotel packages that cater to different guest preferences:

Seamless Convenience

Hotel packages simplify the travel experience for guests. Instead of juggling multiple bookings for activities and dining, they can enjoy a hassle-free, all-in-one experience.

Increased Occupancy

To ensure a steady flow of guests all year round, it is important to offer packages that are tailored to different guest preferences. From romance seekers to adventure enthusiasts, there’s a package for everyone, ensuring a broader clientele base.

By bundling services and offering them at a discounted rate, guests are incentivised to book their stays during off-peak seasons or weekdays, when your hotel might otherwise have low occupancy.

This approach not only helps fill rooms but also provides guests with added value and enhances their overall experience.

Elevate Guest Experiences

By offering thoughtfully curated packages you add substantial value to your guests’ stays. These packages can include enticing perks like spa treatments, dining vouchers, and exclusive discounts.

This not only ensures guest satisfaction but also translates into increased bookings and revenue for your hotel. Delivering exceptional value leads to positive reviews, repeat business, and a stronger bottom line.

Boost Revenue Streams and Diversify Income

Hotel packages are a revenue powerhouse that also allows you to diversify your income. By bundling accommodations with unique experiences, you can increase the average guest spend, promoting financial stability.

Guests are more likely to explore additional services like spa treatments, dining experiences, or exclusive tours when they purchase a package.

Hotel packages, therefore, serve as a strategic means of revenue diversification, ensuring a steady income flow from various sources.

6 Effective Hotel Package Ideas For Guests

Female on a swing in the outdoor forest area surrounded by pool | Hotel Package Ideas

The first step in planning your special offers and packages is to put yourself in the shoes of potential guests and “think outside the box” What will appeal to them?

Create packages that cater to various guest segments, such as families, couples, business travellers, and adventurers. Tailoring packages to specific preferences and needs broadens your audience appeal.

Let’s take a look at some hotel package ideas to get you started:


1. All-Inclusive Package

Guest lying on a hammock next to the pool area | Hotel Package Ideas

Craft an all-inclusive package that goes beyond accommodation. Provide complimentary meals, drinks, entertainment, and services for complete pampering.

Take it a step further by adding gourmet meals, packed lunches, and welcome refreshments as optional extras. If you want to attract guests looking for a wellness retreat, consider offering wellness packages that include yoga sessions, spa treatments, and health-conscious meal options, ensuring a revitalising and balanced stay.

This complete package gives guests a taste of everything and allows them to shape their stay effortlessly, resulting in a journey filled with excitement and indulgence.


2. Romantic Valentine’s Day Package

Two champagne glasses with a bottle of champagne, red roses, and two red lit candles | Hotel Package Ideas

Romance is a deeply personal experience, and your hotel Valentine’s Day package ideas should reflect that. Offer a range of indulgent romantic packages to cater to different couples. Couples are usually interested in packages with an extended stay with activities such as wine-tasting, breakfast, and dinner.

  • Classic Love: A basic setup might include rose petals adorning the bed, two glasses of champagne waiting, chocolates, and fruit, with breakfast in bed delivered in the morning.
  • Blissful: His-and-hers spa day, a couple’s massage, and a full five-course candlelit dinner at your hotel restaurant.
  • Artistry of Love: Painting or pottery classes, cocktail making, cooking classes, chocolate making
  • Extravagant Love: Sunset cruises, personal serenades, or helicopter rides around nearby sights.
  • Galentines: Don’t forget friends travelling together; customise packages around sightseeing and nearby attractions

3. The Adventure Seeker Package

Man walks on the rope path in the air | Hotel Package Ideas

If you’re looking to attract active travellers and adventure seekers, offering amazing deals on must-do activities can be a great way to grab their attention.

Partnering with local businesses can help you create mutually beneficial deals on a variety of exciting activities, such as hikes, scuba diving, ziplining, horseback riding, and more.

By offering these deals, you can help travellers save money while also supporting local businesses and promoting the unique experiences your destination has to offer.

4. Celebration Package

Two bottles of wine and a glass of wine by poolside| Hotel Package Ideas

Create a unique package where guests can celebrate their special events, whether it’s a bridal shower, birthday party, or anniversary celebration.

You can tailor the package to fit the specific theme of the event and delight your guests with gourmet snacks and drinks, as well as goodie bags filled with items that fit the theme of the event.

For example, for a bridal shower, you can include personalised candles or tea towels with the couple’s name and wedding date. For a birthday party, you can include personalised candy bags or mini champagne bottles.


5. Family Fun Package

 Three children running to jump into the pool | Hotel Packages

Hotel packages created for families are a highly sought-after option. There’s nothing quite like a family vacation that comes packed with games, sunshine, and exciting activities that create unforgettable memories.

These packages offer a variety of activities, such as game rooms, swimming pools, mini-golf, and other fun-filled options that are perfect for families.

By bundling together various services and amenities, these packages are an excellent value for money, ensuring that families can enjoy their stay to the fullest.


6. Work from hotel package

Male and Female working on laptops and at a hotel by the table with coffee mugs and notepads and a flower pot on the table | Hotel Package Ideas

Consider offering a work package that includes a dedicated workspace in the room, premium Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee or tea, and extended check-out times.

This package is a great way to attract business travellers and remote workers who are looking for a comfortable and productive space to get things done.

By offering a work package, you’ll not only attract more guests but also ensure they have a memorable and productive stay at your hotel.


Bonus: Tailored Hotel Packages

Two females and two males canoeing in the lake | Hotel Package Ideas

Nowadays, hotel guests want the freedom to customise their own stay. Offer your direct bookers a few exciting add-ons, like an extended check-out time, a bottle of champagne, or a cheese platter.

A great strategy would be to upsell add-ons to guests in advance using alluring tools. This way, guests can build their own hotel package and generate revenue without lifting a finger.

Craft packages that align with seasonal trends and special occasions. Whether it’s summer getaways or holiday escapes, timely packages can capitalise on high-demand periods.

Strategies for Maximising Revenue with Hotel Packages

Hotel Revenue Strategy Plan | Hotel Package Ideas

Hotel Website and Online Booking Engine

To attract potential guests, it’s important to make the reservation process easy and straightforward. One way to do this is by integrating an intuitive booking engine into your website. You can feature your hotel’s package deals with eye-catching visuals that encourage visitors to explore further.

Ensure that your website is fully responsive, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for mobile users. To build trust and loyalty with your guests, it’s important to manage your online reputation effectively. Highlight positive guest reviews and respond to negative feedback in a professional and timely manner. By doing so, you’ll show that you value your guests’ opinions and are committed to providing the best possible experience.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Instead of competing with OTAs, why not team up with them for a win-win? This approach can actually lead to more direct bookings for your hotel.

By using channel management software you’ll be able to seamlessly list your rooms on various OTA platforms. This not only saves you time but can also boost your revenue significantly.

Tip: Good channel management software can help you spread your unique hotel packages far and wide, making them appealing to a diverse global audience. And for those all-inclusive packages that offer a little bit of everything, platforms like Booking.com and Expedia are popular channels where travellers often go for one-stop shopping.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok are goldmines for promoting your hotel packages and creating a buzz among your audience.

Here’s the exciting part: You can let your creativity run wild! Experiment with features like stories or reels to show off how guests are having a blast with the packages they booked.

Fun fact: Instagram reels often get more views than regular posts, so they’re a fantastic tool to engage your audience. And while your guests are soaking up the good times at your hotel, don’t be shy—ask them to tag you in their posts.

There’s nothing more convincing than social proof and recommendations from fellow travellers to nudge others into booking with you. It’s like a chorus of satisfied guests singing, “This is the place to be!”

Marketing Opportunities

Promote your Hotel Packages through targeted marketing campaigns, attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones.

Incorporating hotel packages into your business strategy can transform your hotel’s profitability and reputation. With RoomRaccoon’s advanced hotel management software and innovative packages, you’ll elevate your hotel’s value and exceed guest expectations.

Promoting Hotel Packages Effectively with RoomRaccoon

RoomRaccoon is your trusty ally in the quest to boost your hotel’s revenue through strategic package promotion. It’s the go-to solution, whether you’re navigating the bustling peak seasons when administrative tasks pile up or the quieter off-peak periods when attracting extra bookings is a bit of a challenge.

  • Boost Direct Bookings: RoomRaccoon’s specialised online booking engine empowers your hotel to secure more direct bookings, reducing OTA commissions and increasing your revenue.
  • Effortless Upselling: With RaccoonUpsell, effortlessly increase your hotel’s revenue by offering tempting upsell deals to your guests, all without extra effort on your part.

But RoomRaccoon isn’t just about
booking software, it’s about building lasting guest relationships.

With our integrated property management system (PMS you can manage detailed guest profiles, create personalised offers, and craft enticing deals and promotions that resonate with each guest, fostering loyalty and ensuring they return.

It’s not fantasy; it’s the RoomRaccoon way of customising and personalizing every guest’s experience for enduring connections. Ready to boost your revenue and enhance guest experiences? Schedule a free demo today and see the results.

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