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January 25, 2023 Nicky. M
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Booking Confirmation

Once a booking is confirmed, the customer can start preparing his journey. It’s recommended for you as a hotelier to send a booking confirmation immediately after a booking arrives. As a result, the guest can be certain that the booking has also been received at the hotel. Make sure to include arrival and departure dates & times in your email.

Is also good to clear what the guest has booked and highlight the mail with what can be expected. It’s also a good idea to include photos of the room that has been booked, photos of the facilities and stress the arrangements that have been booked. A map with the location and accessibility of your hotel is also a good idea to mention in the booking confirmation.

Booking Confirmation Returning Guests

Some guests have already been to your hotel. For them you can set up an email that looks slightly different than new guests. Thus ‘Welcome back Mr. Jones’ is more personal than ‘Welcome Mr. Jones’. And Mr. Jones probably knows how to find the way to your hotel already, an extensive route planner is not necessary in that case.

Email Before Arrival

The preparation for a trip is sometimes more beautiful than the journey itself. That anticipation of your guests is determined by you as a hotelier. Therefore, do not hesitate to send multiple emails before the guest arrives. Depending on how far the guest books in advance, you can send an email 14, 7 and 3 days in advance. In these mails you can inspire people with things to do in the area.

You can also add up-sells. Don’t put them in the first mail you send, but rather in the later mails. Think of package deals or special offers that need the attention of your guests. 3 days before arrival you can for example anticipate to the weather. Bring an indoor activity to the attention in rainy weather or an outdoor activity if the weather forecasts are sunny.

On Property Mail

Send an email when someone arrives early in the morning. The guest gets the feeling the hotel is thinking of them, which make them feel extra welcome. In a second email that day can explain about services, times and facilities. Your guest will then be informed of relevant matters in and around the hotel. That’s easy for the guest and it saves you time at check-in.

After Departure Mail

Send an e-mail after the departure of the guest. Thank the guest for his or her stay. In this mail you can also ask for reviews or you can send promotions or discount codes. You can also ask if your guest wants to place a direct booking for the next stay.

Send your mail within 30 days. There are OTAs that create a temporary email address that forwards your mails to a guest. This temporary address often expires after 30 days.

Extra Mail for Events

Suppose an event takes place near your hotel. Like a festival, a public holiday or fun fair in the city. Let people know what is happening and where. As a result, guests are better prepared for their journey. Most tourists are eagerly to be informed by locals about what to do. Who can tell them better than a hotelier?


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