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October 12, 2023 Nicky. M
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Your hotel website is the first impression guests have of your accommodation. It’s important that your website is informative, welcoming, easy to use, and clearly communicates that your hotel is available for booking right now.

RoomRaccoon’s newly launched hotel website builder is a no-brainer for non-technical hoteliers who want to make a great first impression and boost direct bookings.

The no-code tool gives you everything you need to create an effective, professional hotel website in no time. Just pick a template, drag and drop the elements you want, and you’re good to go.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the cutting-edge features to look forward to when you select this upgrade feature.

What Makes RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Website Builder Stand Out?


1. User-Friendly Interface

Website builder

RoomRaccoon’s website builder offers a user-friendly management console that consists of three elements: the CMS (Content Management Server), the website editor, and the hosting environment.

CMS: Managing your website content has never been easier with the fully-featured and comprehensive CMS. You can store all the information and media related to your hotel, from team member profiles to hotel descriptions, photographs, additional services, and add-on information. Our CMS serves as a dynamic content hub, allowing seamless information integration into your website template. It also provides access to a fantastic library of free stock images from Pexels and Unsplash.

Website Editor: With the website editor, you can craft a unique website that reflects the personality and style of your hotel. Select from various hotel-tailored templates, or build your website from scratch. Tailor the content, themes, colors, images, and layout to create a stunning online presence that will capture the attention of potential guests.

Hosting Environment: After creating your new hotel website, it is time to deploy it through a hosting provider. With RoomRaccoon’s website builder, we make it easy by integrating the deployment and hosting right from the console.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

According to statistics, the annual rise in mobile bookings shows no signs of slowing down. To ensure your hotel website is easy to navigate on mobile devices, it should be optimised for mobile screens. The text and images should be clear and easily clickable. Additionally, it’s important that your website loads quickly on mobile devices, as users are less likely to wait for slow-loading sites on mobile.

The great news is that RoomRaccoon’s website builder automatically optimizes websites for mobile responsiveness, ensuring they look great on all devices.

3. Booking Engine Integration

RoomRaccoon booking engine

If your website can’t automatically process bookings 24/7, you’re leaving money on the table. RoomRaccoon’s built-in booking engine is designed to handle direct bookings in just five simple steps while keeping your calendar up to date. It also promotes direct bookings with several user-friendly features, including the Raccoon Price Checker, discount codes, and bookable add-ons.

What’s more, the booking engine seamlessly integrates with the hotel website builder. You can follow our easy instructions on linking the booking engine to your website, ensuring your online presence is professional and user-friendly.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To succeed in the competitive hospitality industry, hotels require more than just a prime location and top-notch amenities. Effective SEO is essential for standing out online and attracting guests. Our hotel website builder is equipped with all the necessary features to create an SEO-friendly website, including automatic SSL certification to ensure site security. By optimising your website, potential guests searching for accommodations in your area will easily find your hotel.

Top tips for great technical SEO for hotels:

  • Fast page loads
  • Compressed images
  • Search-engine optimised text
  • Site Security


5. Hotel-Tailored Website Templates

Website builder template 1

Hotel website builder 2

We don’t do generic websites around here. RoomRaccoon’s website builder is loaded with custom templates designed by our in-house team with a focus on hotel branding and marketing.

This makes it simpler to choose from the various professionally designed templates and personalise them to match your hotel’s style and branding. This can be done by adding your brand colours, imagery, and descriptions.

website builder template roomraccoon

Check out how Uitgerust Voor Zaken, The Venue Hostel, and Villa Polder have used our templates to highlight the uniqueness of their property while staying true to their brands.

6. Analytics and Reporting

You can easily track any big changes in user traffic and engagement on your hotel website by using analytics and reporting. This is helpful for figuring out what’s working and what’s not, so you can make changes to improve your business. RoomRaccoon’s website builder enables easy integration of tracking codes for popular data tools, including Google Analytics 4, Hotjar, CRM tools such as Hubspot, and CRO tools like The Hotels Network.

Suite Success: Get Started With RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Website Builder

As time goes on, having a strong online presence for your hotel will become increasingly important in attracting potential guests. RoomRaccoon’s Hotel Website Builder has the latest innovative features to create an inviting and informative website and ensure your hotel stands out in the competitive hospitality industry.

Its user-friendly interface, mobile responsiveness, seamless booking engine integration, stunning templates, SEO optimisation capabilities, and analytics and reporting tools provide a comprehensive solution to elevate your hotel’s online presence.

Request this upgrade feature now and start building a stunning new website that will attract more guests than ever before. Not a RoomRaccoon customer? Request a free demo.

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