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December 11, 2023 Sini. M
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Unlock the doors to hospitality excellence by diving into the Hospitable Podcast. Hosted by the dynamic Rob Napoli of Omniboost, this podcast provides exclusive access to the world of top-notch hospitality management.

One noteworthy episode features Rob chatting with Tymen van Dyl, the CEO of RoomRaccoon. Together, they explore a treasure trove of invaluable topics that pique curiosity and redefine the essence of exceptional hospitality from the independent hotelier’s eyes. As a leading Hotel Management System (HMS), RoomRaccoon is dedicated to guest satisfaction and streamlined hotel operations. We highly recommend tuning in to gain insights from industry experts and to learn more about RoomRaccoon’s epic story.


RoomRaccoon’s Origin – Levelling the Playing Field for Independent Hoteliers

RoomRaccoon was born out of a genuine desire to support independent hoteliers. Co-founders Nadja Buckenberger and Tymen recognised the limitations of existing software in effectively managing hotel operations and were motivated to create a solution. Nadja’s experience as a hotel owner provided firsthand insight into the frustrations many hoteliers face. Thankfully, Tymen was up for the challenge and together they developed software tailored to the unique needs of independent hoteliers.

“At RoomRaccoon, we take great pride in crafting modern, minimalist, and incredibly user-friendly interfaces. We aim to minimise users’ time interacting with our solution so they can focus on what truly matters — their guests. We believe in technology that enhances the human experience, and our design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and user data, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered to empower the hotelier every step of the way”, shares Tymen.


Partnering for Success

Tymen and Nadja, both experienced entrepreneurs, realised they had a promising business idea after hearing from independent hoteliers struggling to find a property management system that was both affordable and user-friendly. Despite starting small, RoomRaccoon’s international growth was inevitable.

However, being a global company came with its own challenges, such as wanting to be in two places simultaneously. As a solution, Tymen and Nadja have established homes in the Netherlands (where RoomRaccoon was born) and South Africa (the home of RoomRaccoon’s biggest team).

Entrepreneurship with a partner has pros and cons, just like everything else. Tymen and Nadja’s biggest advantage is that they are both self-proclaimed workaholics driven to create something from scratch and work towards a well-defined goal. Building RoomRaccoon together was practical for them, as they could celebrate successes and share setbacks. Having been together for 17 years, they have an innate trust in each other and can’t imagine coming home without discussing their first baby — the company. They also have a second baby, their toddler, giving these experienced entrepreneurs the ride of their lives.


What’s in Store for RoomRaccoon’s Future?

Two words: upwards and onwards. With the recently launched Website Builder and the acquisition of the Irish Hotel Management Software company iHotelligence, RoomRaccoon continues to pioneer the way for independent hotels worldwide. RoomRaccoon owes its success to its exceptional teams across all departments, onsite and remote. And as for the future, expect further advancements and innovation in AI and hospitality, exclaims Tymen.



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